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Personal Portal / Vortex ?

by Elle

Picture of Crown Chakra energy?

Picture of Crown Chakra energy?

2010 has been a very interesting year so far!! There is definitely a lot more Spiritual activity for me than there has been in the last 2 years.

Over the last year, I've been seeing a black or red "splotch" of color when I wake up from sleep. I can clearly see it in the air space above me and then it slowly disappears. I didn't pay much attention to it since I see all sorts of stuff upon awakening...usually gridlines, sometimes symbols, sometimes geometrical patterns. But lately over the last two weeks, this splotch of black or red is right in front of my face when I wake up, and then when I focus on it, it actually backs up very quickly and moves toward the ceiling. I questioned my Higher Self about it and the only conclusion I'd come to, was that it's a portal or "short-cut" ? "Short-cut" was the actual word that popped into my head and portal was my interpretation.

Well, I read a blog yesterday that explains making a choice of how we will use our energy. The blog mentions that if we choose "Love", that we are given some type of personal "vortex" that will channel the Divine directly to us to help raise our vibration...Hmmmm...could that be what I'm seeing? This thing that I'm seeing looks like a circular void of space that is like a funnel or vortex. It's not swirling like a vortex, but it's more like a stationary funnel. And it actually moved from directly in front of my face, and backed up to the ceiling very quickly. Why it moves away when I see it, I don't understand. Has anyone else seen anything like this?

Here's the blog explaining a personal vortex:


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Aug 11, 2014
Same here
by: Kendrick

I know is an old thread but if you figured it out please let me know on here . i'm starting to have the same experiences . dark spot in the middle and around it is like a spider web but with no lines coming out from the middle and round . Thought I was going crazy lol . thank you .

Jun 13, 2010
Very cool
by: Anonymous

I read that you often see a tunnel or vortex before experiencing unity with the divine. You may be on the verge of the ultimate experience. Go into the vortex if you can. Let us know.

Feb 08, 2010
by: Rachel

I have had similar experiences as well. A few times I have wakened out of sleep and have seen a dark splotch , almost looking like a spider or something and then it goes up and away into the ceiling, just like you said. I know I am not dreaming because a few times I have reached up and have tried to touch it before it disappears. It's the strangest thing! It has not happened in while but I have recently had other weird experiences while waking from sleep. The photo is amazing by the way! Makes me want to try to meditate more! Much Love, Rachel

Feb 05, 2010
Connecting directly with the Divine
by: Sydney

Perhaps the movement it makes to the ceiling is a function of opening up your Crown Chakra as it appears in your picture?

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