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Personal symptoms/ John H

by John H
(Rancho Cordova California)

As I have progressed through adapting to Earth changes and vibrational Frequency changes, I have noticed a few things different. My body at times seems almost lighter as in weight. I am almost constantly dizzy and hear crackling in my brain, sound a little strange in both ways I would assume. My eyes get blurry and my trapezious and neck are having muscle spasms. I awake at 3:00 A.M. every morning for no apparent reason. As I constantly focus on the universe and God and my surroundings I can actually feel like I am a part of everything. It is a very unique feeling. I have been able to predict Earth quakes since 1989 and have not missed yet. I will be standing there talking to someone or maybe driving and then I have to grab a hold of something because everything spins real quickly, a few days later an earthquake happens. I get rashes on my arms inner for arm both sides, and I experiance at times, FULL conciousness, another euphoric experiance. I can tell at times what people are going to do or say. I can see events taking place quickly in my brain of what is going to happen a few minutes or days in, there are the symptoms.

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Dec 05, 2011
cosmic cracking
by: Anonymous

I also have been having crackeling in my crown area as well as some cracking in my shoulders and jaw and arms.Recently the area at the base of my neck is cracking big time.It is really uncomfortable most of the time,and I am continually in pain.

May 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

I get the noise in the brain also it sounds like a clicking or cracking. I was told it was the pineal gland activating. That would explain your other symptoms....

May 05, 2010
3 am
by: Sally

Brahma muhurta.

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