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Please answer this question!

Hello, i dont know what to do about my lower back/base of my spine.I go to bikram yoga an any pose that i have to bend forward on is basically impossible because of this excruciating pain that seems to be coming from my core/lower back/base of my spine.Does anyone know if this is my blocked kundalini or something related to kundalini ? It seems to be getting better sllooowwwlllyyy. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it could possibly be.thank you all so much,brendan

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Jun 30, 2010
Thank you all for helping me with my question !!!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you all so much !!!!!! love,brendan

Jun 26, 2010
by: Astraea

We ground through the lower portion of our bodies as well; if you have not already received enough help from the wonderful answers here, I would add a suggestion. You "brought" up the kundalini (yes it wishes to rise, it is as water flowing over rock it will find a way!); our bodies are wise beyond what we know...and you cannot go up unless down is established first. Like an electrical current, flow is achieved and grown with grounding; the infinite is open to you when you are grounded first. With all the changes and shifts in all types of body fields, grounding is so important. Steadiness, which has already been mentioned, clear foundation, which speaks of commitment. Commitment to you, commitment to your changes, which are the biggest constant "now". You have the answers within you, follow your intuition as you have thus far, and you will be steered to relief, however the process may require some temporary discomfort, as the flow of energy is welcomed to your body as it is meant to be.
Namaste Divine Brother and Blessed BE.

Jun 25, 2010
maybe this may help
by: john h

It MAY be a pinched nerve, OR it may be a specific frequency you are around that your body does not like. sound frequencies affect our mind and bodies. Sound frequencies also affect mood and thought. Try this...I am a this may sound strange coming from a male, but I am being serious here, so, just have an open mind, it is NOTHING bad. Run a hot bath and put some lavender camamelle bath soap in the water. turn out the lights. place some candles in the bathroom in a safe location, maybe 3 of them. Make sure you are the only one home, so there are no disturbances. Put in a c.d. that has either nature sounds, or listen to classical music, or a quiet love song without vocals. Close your eyes and lay back in the tub. concentrate on the sounds and smells around you. stay in the tub for at least 30 minutes and then go to bed. In the morning you should be really relaxed and your back should feel better.
hope this was helpfull.
John H rancho cordova california

Jun 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

i hope you can understand how i type as i am a little scruffy.

lower back.
i used to have a little pain also, also i could sometimes hear a little click when i used to exercise, fortunatly i do not have this problem anymore.

there are a couple of things i would suggest and that might help you to eliminate anything you have thought of or have not thought of.

1. have you been putting on weight? i saw this because i used to pump weights so that i could be top heavy and have nice big muscles. there was a downside to this and that was i am a slim guy "verry slim" and someone explained to me that the spine is like a bambo cane. holding the top half of the bodyweight from the lower. when adding more weight it must balance other wise the bambo stick will take on all of the added weight and cause it to bend "strain" and as i was putting body muscle on my top half and not strengthening the middle section of my body i was causing strain in the lower back area.
the princable is like a house, you never build on weak foundations.
if you feel this maybe the cause i would suggest that you try these exercises i have found below

they helped me alot, also remember a six pack is like an extra support its like a front wall that helps take weight of the bambo cane, you may not see a 6pack but the muscles are there, u can also build side muscles and they work great with support, these exercises will help with all that so check them out.

2, maybe it was me moving my kundalini energy up and i neva noticed as i wasnt 100% sure of it when it was happening, it could have then been a coincidence that the exercises came in place when they did and worked.

3, you say kundalini could be the problem, blocked? well i would say as you know about the kundalini you could then read up on what chraka governs that part of the body and see if you have those problems or not??
i think the lower chakra is about foundations and things similar so when i had problems i used to think maybe its because i am not pulling my weight, being a little lazy, not supporting myself as well as i should!
now i try to do alot more than i used to and again maybe its coincidence but agen when i applied this into my life it also helped me a little more.

i am not saying that number 3 "pulling your weight is the answer" but there or more things that chraka governs and i hop you can find it and identify it in youself
remember you are asking for this to happen so that you can learn your lesson and grow its like an invisable contract isnt it??

anything elese let me know and i will try and read a few books for u and see what i can dig out!!

peace love and light and many blessing

thank you for giving me the chance to answer your question,
please let me know if it all works out


Jun 23, 2010
Probably not a blocked kundalini
by: Anonymous

Hi! I suspect your pain is not the result of a blocked kundalini. Most people have a blocked kundalini, but those same people don't necessarily have back pain. However, back pain or any other type of physical ailment may keep your kundalini from rising. You might want to try a chiropractor and get an MRI to see if there is any physical pathology. It's good that you are in tune with your spirituality to the extent that you would ask this question. I suspect you are on a path of transformation. Keep it up! You will be extremely happy with the results.

Jun 23, 2010
Lower back pain
by: Elle (Arizona)

We are currently going through lower chakra clearing. I myself, and two other friends have experienced spontaneous lower back pain in the last 3 weeks (along with lots of other symptoms). It is most likely a blocked chakra and will clear soon. Also, alot of people are experiencing the urgency to go pee often, and intestinal/stomach issues are other symptoms of lower chakra clearing at this time.

Here is a message from one of my favorite channelers Lauren Gorgo posted on June 2, 2010; she speaks of the recent lower chakra clearing and symptoms toward the end of her message under "Physical Happenings":

Hope this helps :0)

Lots of Love,

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