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please i need some guidance

by chris

hi people

last night about 5 minutes after i went to bed i suddenly got this really loud whistling in my ears and my whole body was vibrating,I felt as if I was floating through space and i could see stars or white lights and orbs i had a real intense buzzing vibration in my head I know i wasnt sleeping or dreaming because i was able to open my eyes and i knew exactly where i was it was very strange its only been about 6 months since i became aware of the coming ascension etc and i was just wondering did anyone else ever have an experience like this

kind regards Chris

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Apr 22, 2012
Me too
by: Jamie

I have had these experiences too Chris, the first in Kathmandu seven years ago, and twice this year. If you wish to change your frequency yourself it is possible too, try a singing bowl for example, sometimes they ring true. A healthy skeptimism has aided me to organically develop and trust at my own pace. If you are nervous, then take solace in nature. It is hard because all of us like minded and shining souls need to be in all sorts of different places, to help illuminate the world, so it can feel kind of isolating. This will not remani the case as more and more learn to awake.

Mar 18, 2012
you are evolving
by: Prasad

Know that high frequency energies and vibrations are entering your system, from the Universe as per Divine Will.
There is no need to panic or get alarmed. You need grounding---grounding is simpler with total acceptanc welcoming the Divine energy in absoute good faith, and unconditional love, with thanks and gratitude for having chosen you, for its mission.
Have more of pure water which is the best medium for detoxification which takes place bcos of the higher energies, cleansing your system, or healing your system, for compatibilility with its vibrational frequencies.

Feb 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

thankyou for your comment it now happens on a regular basis and its awesome i see everything in a completely different light now

many thanks


Feb 20, 2012
by: Anonymous


I have had this same experience. It was awesome. You are opening yourself up to your multidimensional nature. You will eventually be able to travel interdimensionally at will. If you open yourself up to it, welcome it, and feel grateful for it, you will experience this type of thing more and more and eventually be able to control it. You have powers you may never have imagined. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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