Please Pray for Me

by Verna

please pray for healing for my eyes my mind, body and spirit peace in the home and a financial blessing. Thank you.

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by: Mashubi

Thank you dearest Verna for your prayer request. May God's love and light bring you healing, peace and blessing.

We have a special place on our World Blessings website where the other visitors will pray for you as well. If you would like to request prayers there, please go to our Inspirational Prayer page.

Love and blessings to you.

Please pray ! Thank you.
by: Andrew from Italy

Please pray for peace in the home for my little son Prince David and a financial blessing. Thank you.

by: Alex

I indeed give you my blessing and pray for you all the best, however not for the material aspect for which we must leave behind. I do however pray you do comfortably get by in this wonderful time. Good luck

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