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by Rev. Cindy Clark-Heald
(Barry, Texas, USA)

Four 1/2 years ago I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. I have been experiencing photism since that time along LOTS of other stuff. The most interesting for me is what I am able to see on the land I live on...Toad Hill Nature Sanctuary. It seems with each upgrade I receive, or initiation the world reveals itself to me in a greater fashion. Angels, orbs, nature spirits, the fae, elves, etc. Very, very interesting what is in the unseen realm! Even a space creature visited me in the pasture in front of our home.

Since February 1,2009 I have gained 75 pounds. Truly I have. I was happily skipping I'm happily trudging along...happily being the operative word. I'm ready for the reversal of this whatever to take place.

What I'm writing about is the feeling of being plugged in. Twice in the past four months, I've been awakened as an outside energy, so it seems, plugged into me. the first time was into my stomach, and last night into my heart area. Along with these plug-ins are expressions of varying degree of breathing. I think it's called second breath. Since Kundalini I've experienced this type of breathing however it expands with each energy plug-in.

I realize the energy isn't outside of me, like the Kundalini energy felt like it was coming from the outside of me, but it CERTAINLY feels that way. Like a needle entering my skin filling me with energy. Behind my eyes is a bright-white-light that captures a tracking beam. All these energies run through my body from the bottom up over and over (reminds me of the first Kundalini episode at a much less expressive level). Mesmerized by light and filled with light. Both times though it felt like something penetrated my skin.

What I've never felt until recently is the penetration of skin, and being able to actually feel the infilling.

Thanks for providing us a place to share...Streams of Joy, Rev. Cindy

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Dec 17, 2009
by: Sydney

That is certainly amazing. To hold your upgrading, I think the weight helps and there will be a time soon when it will reduce. Your weight, I mean.

Just a question, could the penetration be from the inside out although it feels like it's coming in....

I feel like my molecules are opening and the light within is finally shining outwards....


Anyway, Cindy, I can tell you are a happy camper with all this. And I think, you are welcoming
this ascension experience. You are in a beautiful space, dear.


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