Purify and Align Your Home

by Wesley D
(Georgia, USA)

It is of utmost importance to protect yourselves and your home from negativity and attacks if we want to live out our soul's purpose. So to do that we must purify and align our inner temples (bodies, hearts, and minds) and our outer temples (the place we stay and work in) so that we are always in the protection of God's presence.

Set a time apart from your day for a short meditation. Sit or lie down and breath comfortably in a calming and meditative way. Begin your work inside.

Call for your Guardian Angels and ask that they help you in this process.

Move your consciousness within. If you have problems with doing this, try becoming aware of the inside of your chest to tune into the energies there.

Invoke the Silver Violet Flame of transformation and purification by saying mentally or out loud something along the lines of, "I cal to the keepers and angels of the Silver Violet Flame to fill my being with its transmutational energy for the highest good of all concerned."

See Silver Violet fire streaming down through your head to your heart and pooling there. See the flame building in a ball-form and growing bigger and bigger until in fills your aura.

Feeling this energy, repeat this set of affirmations or one like it:
I AM in God's presence.
I AM filled with God's light.
I AM filled with God's love.
I AM filled with God's peace.
I AM filled with God's patience.
I AM filled with God's health.
I AM filled with God's Healing power.
I AM filled with God's miracles.
I AM filled with God's mysteries.

There are 9 lines in those affirmations, and 9 is a very sacred number to God, as it in the number of completion, finish, and of all being taken care of. Feel God's presence within you.

Now ask the keepers and angels of the Silver Violet Flame to fill the space you're in (room, home, workspace, building, block, or even city, state/territory, country, and world if you want) with the Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation. Allow yourself to stand back and let the Flame do its work. Then repeat the affirmations, replacing I AM with ___ IS.

Do this every day, every week, every month, every year, or which ever works best for you :) Know that God's presence will keep you from harm and negativity and will stay as long as you allow it to (and even when you don't!).

Best of luck to you all, and Blessings upon Blessings to each of your lives!


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Oct 14, 2012
by: starlightdaisy

I like this affirmation and copied, thank you.

Jul 24, 2012
Wise to Purify
by: sophistocrat

Thanks for the posting

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