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Purifying Cities

by Jen
(Fresno, CA)

I live in a city that is filled with a lot of darkness. I have been placed here as a lightworker. I am extremely sensitive to the energies surrounding me on a daily basis. At times it has been unbearable. I wake up feeling good, but as soon as I leave my house I am in a terrible mood. The city noise and pollution has been VERY hard to deal with also.
I have wanted to move away to another city, but have been given clear instruction to stay for the time being. I now have to spend time daily grounding myself and clearing my energy field. I bring light from source in through my crown chakra and visualize it cleaning away all energy that is not mine and sending it into the earth with love. If I do this daily, I am ok!

Comments for Purifying Cities

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Dec 03, 2010
I was a evil man
by: Anonymous

God told me I was vile and evil, in a past life. And I feel awful about it. It has been so hard to deal with this revelation as I have been a total pure soul in this life. I feel the entire holy light now, and God says I will feel horrible my entire existence for my past lives. That is why he is purifying me completely and I have the full holy light now.

I cannot believe I was so wicked my past lives and know why I get killed, raped, and murdered in my sleep every night. But God says I had 3 horrible lives and billions of perfect lives to make up for the 3 horrible past lives. That is why I get a free pass this life, and will have a perfect beautiful life, but not until my birthday or 2012 as my penitence for the 3 horrible wicked past lives.

I cannot believe I am such a disgusting lightworker, as I have been a lightworker my entire life and every being has shunned and harmed me this life and God has been wicked to me this life despite me being a lightworker.

God says he will no longer be wicked to me, as I have paid my dues and Karma has been acheived, but I had to know how wicked I was. Thank goodness it was only in 3 past lives that happened at the begininng of my soul line ages ago.

This self-knowledge is getting better to deal with, but I know I disgust all lightworkers.

I am truly sorry for what I did at the down of time. But was a child caveman then, and how could I have known. Cavemen have no intelligence and consciousness. God says I am now forgiven, because that was his plan for me.

To be a wicked caveman for 3 lives in the past, and it took billions of lives as other cavemen, cavewoman, men, women, boys, and girls, to purify me.

Now I know I am fully pure and God had such a complex plan for me. In this life I was almost totally pure and then all of a sudden God put me in jail and an insane asylum twice to make up for the 3 past lives


Oct 31, 2010
I Know Exactly What You're Talking About
by: Anonymous

I've gone through the same thing many times in different situations. It's very difficult to commit to something so painful and uncomfortable, so I have to say I'm impressed that you've decided to stay.

I found something that may be of use to you. You can use it on a whole city if you should choose. It's on a website that strongly resonates with what I am experiencing now in this point of my personal evolution. You can use the Standing Vortex/Column over a whole city, or just over a smaller space like your home or a building.

The other protection and cleansing techniques listed actually worked for me very quickly and I felt the effects immediately. Hope this helps.


Oct 19, 2010
by: DR

It's great you have found a way to deal with the energy Jen, and the fact that you have such a clear understanding of your purpose in helping your city in that way.

In my experience, the level of participating in the purification of the earth can be exhausting at times, and paying attention to the unique needs of one's body is critical. Awareness on this level doesn't seem that common to me, and seems less conscious even in others that may be participating but unaware.

You may find the One World Meditations a support for yourself, and the earth: and

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