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Question About Anger and Disconnection

by Cathy

this anger i'm feeling is destroying my marriage...i feel no connection to do i stay connected when there is no one here that cares

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Jul 17, 2009
Love, Light and Peace are coming!
by: Susan in Phoenix

I so liked what one contributor said.. that "we are dearly loved on the other side of the veil." And that connecting with our guides and loving Spirit, in faith, is so helpful. We can and need to believe that these Spirit entities are there, although invisable to our earthly eyes. Remember if you will, that we have choosen to be in this lifetime with the life experiences we are in! I say this with a joyful heart! We are, as Julie Redstone reminds us .. beloved ones. I feel that we are looked uopn as heros and heroines by Spirit. That we are admired and adored by them! We are going though a purification process, that feels so difficult as we heal, and the earth also heals. The difficulties we are experiencing will end at a certain time.. and soon. We are in a shift that has been predicted and we are all feeling some degree of an increase in energy. That's all it is. We're not going crazy. It will end. Things are speeded up as an electromagnetic frequency. It is a process before the new age we will enter. The next 26,000 years if you will. Our Solar System is moving into the Photon Belt, and the photon energy frequencies we're feeling accelerate everything.. including our emotions and thoughts and feeling of being detatched. I try to be as calm as possible. To meditate. To love others and have compassion for their pain and frustration. I try to 'be the change' I wish to see. If others want more of me, I try to be there calmly to listen. It is in knowing that the end of hatered, and new love and new light is coming.. that I have strength for others when they come to me. I may feel angry or want to turn away from someone, and at that very moment I stop and remind myself that I can be calm... I can be a small light to others just by tollerating things and knowing that Love, Light and Peace are on the way. We just have to let ourselves and others be purified in our way and their own way. It's not easy.. but if we see it all with new eyes it becomes easier. Enlightenment is on it's way ~ with love, Susan.

Jul 16, 2009
Anger management
by: Ceciel

One of the most effective ways to understand and work with anger (and any other emotion) is to have an Accredited Brandon Bays Practitioner guide you through a Journey Process. A Journey is the most beautiful, gentle and effective method of accessing and clearing or unblocking cellular memories locked into the body.
As we move towards this time of Oneness it's imperative that we understand who we really are, and by knowing this, we are then able to deal with so much more and to experience more of the beauty, joy and love of life.
I am also available for telephone/ Skype consultations.
love and healing
Ceciel Louw - Cape Town

Jul 15, 2009
"Good things come to me"
by: Anonymous

I say the following each morning and throughout the day and night. I typed it up and printed out 4 copies so I could have it with me at all times...upstairs, downstairs, at work, etc. and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY and IMMEDIATELY:

"Good things come to me. While I don't know all the answers now, or even what questions to ask, or even what route it will take. I know that when I get there, the path and easiest route will be clear to me. I know that when I get there, I will be able to figure it out."

And when you do that, when you start each day with that thought, life unfolds as a terrific adventure. Abundance, dollars, relationships, health, everything you are wanting will flow in incredible, wonderful, joy filled ways into your life experience. And you begin to live as you intended before you came in".

Abraham Hicks

Jul 15, 2009
Tell me about it!!
by: Brenda McCann

#1 YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! I feel like all the people close around me (and related too, like husband and son, daughter) some I called friends but now I wonder...
#2 Did all these people depend on us for something that they suddenly feel we are not providing them...
like the air they breathe?

In times like these seem to be I cling to the inner heart of me who can forgive those who tresspass against me. OH LOOKI THERE...

Talking to you made me just now see that I have been judging their anger behaviors as WRONG! Instead of my just letting them be however they need to be. Ya Know?

Peace Be surrounding us now,
Brenda in Idaho USA Earth & Beyond

Jul 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

Breathing is the best -- Inhale and exhale 5 times or 5 minutes-- also St John's wort 4 times a day.

Jul 15, 2009
We care , our guides care.
by: Georgie

Hello from Australia, I too have been struggling with the same, anger more anger and even more anger at feeling so unloved , so devalued, so rejected, and so unworhty !!!!!

Until the other morning it dawned on me , I was loved, I was cared for , it was how I wanted to be loved? this was my issue.

People love us there way, and I supppose we have to accept this,
We are dealy loved on the other side of the veil, reconnect with your guides, your angels , reconnect with faith and know you do have worth.

Jul 15, 2009
help oh yes..please
by: angelunaware

Thank you so much anonymous I would so appreciate any help anyone has to offer this has been a wirlwind of a year and i am exhausted....and that fuels my anger and the vicious circle just keeps goin round...i have had breakthroughs with a sweet friend from Utah and i know she sends me angels but i would like to get to the pont of being able to give them a break...they have to be exhausted as well.. whats the next step?

Jul 14, 2009
Feelings of anger and helplessness
by: Mashubi

Dearest Cathy,

I am so glad you shared. I understand how difficult it can be to feel so much anger, and to feel so isolated, alone and without any connection or love.

Anger and feeling alone were a huge part of my purification process. At times I felt consumed by anger and rage which felt endless. I was unable to feel or see anything else, and it just went on an on for so long. I felt so alone and so helpless in this world that feels so different from whatever my heart knows.

What was helpful for me during these times was to remember that I am not my anger.

This prayer was helpful for me:

I am a pure and blameless child of God. I forgive myself for my anger and ask for healing.

I feel that you are a beautiful soul, and I pray that you are guided through this difficult time to find the love and peace that your inner being knows.

An article here that may be of support to you:

The Healing of Anger

From the Essentials of Purification Blog:

Dealing with Weariness

Emotional Purification

Also there are resources over at the World Blessings community including personal spiritual support here at Messages by Request.

With much love,

Jul 14, 2009
Hi dearest Cathy
by: Anonymous

Hi Cathy

I would like to send you some distance healing to help you out. If you are ok with that let me know as would need you to be open to it for optimum healing :).

love and light to you xx

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