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Question about light body experience

by mizztazz

Hi i have had alot of spiritual challenges of late. I'm happy to say i feel as thoguh i have overcome many of them. However during these challenges my vibration fell very low.i found myself feeling very angry especially when individuals were trying to interfere with my vibrations or the things that i knew were for my highest good. So i took a day out doing much spiritual work on myself studying my bible and getting back to the familiarities of my faith writing etc. However when i went to sleep that night i awoke suddenly as I felt myself moving how ever when i opened my eyes I was in a pitch black space and felt body rotating at a slow speed as though being rolled gently like my body was twisting but i also then seen myself like it was a reflection out of the dark as a ultra violet blue transparent being and then there was a sensation that i was being rolled down out of what i can only describe as an invisible sheet as i was gently lowered back to my bed it was a very soothing experience but the impact of my body hitting my mattress awoke me fully and i found myself back in my bedroom in the full light of my lamp again. Has anything like this happend to anyone else. As the following day i woke up extremely emotional and in alot of psychic and spiritual pain and spent the early part of the day crying but then. A friend i hadn't seen for over a year came to see me and thanked me for giving her the foundations of the experiences that she has had in helping her to ascend and i awoke the day after which is today feeling stronger and more happy and content like my vibration returned.? Just wondered if anyone could enlighten me on what i was experincing during my light body experience?

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