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RE: family members NOT choosing Ascension

Hi, I am wondering if you can advise me of the wisest course of action for me regarding family members that are NOT choosing a light way, or even acknowledging it at all ! Being family, it makes it very difficult to engage in any type of interactions due to the major difference of paths....????? Is it better for me to simply walk away, and be true to myself, or keep myself back in order to be where they are choosing to STAY ???? would be interested to hear comments from others who have experienced similar quandaries....thankyou

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Only Love
by: Sunflower

Dearest Grace,

While it can be heartbreaking to realize that we are on a different spiritual path from our loved ones, that does not mean that we must choose one over the other. We can "be love" no matter where we are or whom we are with. I think many make the mistake in thinking that they must leave those who no longer resonate with them, but it isn't so. We are still called to "be love" for them, and part of being love is being available. We are here, not to disassociate ourselves with those who are different from us, but to envelope them in the Divine love that flows through us, much like Jesus did in his ministry here on Earth. Others will come into our lives with whom we *do* resonate vibrationally and have community with, but that doesn't mean that the others must leave. Some *will* leave, through their own choices, but we do not need to concern ourselves with who stays and who goes. I hope this makes sense. Love is always the answer. Joyful Blessings!

Another thought...
by: Sunflower

I truly believe in Divine order, so I always trust that I am where I am and whom I am with for a purpose. Some years ago, I cried out to God, asking why I was where I was, and I heard very clearly in my heart that I was in that place to "anchor the light" there. Since that time, it has been made very clear to me that I am often with people who need my light. I'm a healer. A psychic once told me that just being in my presence was very healing for people. At the time, I didn't take that information too seriously, but over the years, I have come to believe that it is definitely true (on some level, at least). In any case, there is one message that keeps being repeated to me, especially recently, and that is, "Trust." Trust that, every day, you are exactly where you are supposed to be! For me, there is hope in that. Joyful Blessings! :o)

The power of love
by: D

Thank you Sunflower. I identify with what you write. I also chose to love a family member when our differences were so great it threatened to cause a deep divide. Love was more important. Over the years, this allowed the relationship to continue, which I am grateful for, as they have passed on now, and I treasure what grew in that relationship...

family members NOT choosing ascension
by: Anonymous

Having the comments in response to the email given about family members NOT responding to Ascension, It is clear that every soul has to follow their own inner guidance regardless of any external words or comments. While the comments of others have value, they cannot be relied upon for action in any way. Each soul is sovereign unto themselves alone. and Jesus would say the same. No soul has the right or wisdom to guide another soul, even in good intent. Only one's soul knows best for itself, and not others. Giving "guidance" to another is the same as trying to control their soul, which Jesus did NOT teach. Each soul is Divine, and belongs to God alone, and NOT other people, therefore, any guidance for the soul is to come from the Divine Alone.......within. thankyou

by: Alex

I can also say that I am on a different path than that of my family and friends. Who are unaware or don't really care about it sadly. Personally I am not ignoring them in my everyday life, love them like you always have and should, however their path is their choice to make. So when the day comes for you to depart do so. Keep love alive forever and always, As long as you lived loving everything is okay no need to stay behind for them. Just my opinion. Be happy friend, best of luck to you

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