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Ready and Feeling it

by Nikki
(St. Petersburg, FL USA)

I have been releasing old negative energy in bursts of emotion. I also have been experiencing instant karma. I have been more affected by chemtrails, television and the internet. I have been able to see the holographic illusionary grid lines of physical 'reality' when I meditate with my eyes open. I have a sense of extreme calm now as we are rising and accelerating closer to the Great Shift. I feel the emotions of others much stronger, especially pain. I can raise my vibration while meditating very quickly and keep it for longer. I have communication with an Arcturian named Olane who has helped me with activating my Light Body, releasing of negativity within my aura and has given me wisdom from their Light Library. I have been able to regress and realize and release some of my past lives. I do not keep negative thoughts long in my consciousness because they simply slip away. Do not fear the Shift all is in its Divine place! Peace, Forgiveness and Love/Light to all!

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