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recent dream causing some concern

(new jersey)

Last night i woke TWICE with the same dream & anxiety as the result as i remembered dreaming about a huge amount of blood pouring into my heart area from an unknown source - it was like it was pouring down in a huge tube almost to the point, where i thought this meant something was wrong with my that it was bleeding. i could not see my heart - only the blood flowing from the tube that was in the place my heart would be. Needless to say, it initially frightened me - but later thought maybe it could have something to do with the light energy since it was so strange - never had two dreams like this before especially within the same night. Was wondering if you have any thoughts on what this might signify? Thank you for this webcite & the support it offers.

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Feb 19, 2012
Energy Centers
by: Elle

Sometimes we have strange dreams about a part of our body when that energy center is opening. In your case, it may be that your Heart Chakra is becoming active.

When my Heart Chakra opened, I had dreams about stuff merging with my chest, or people merging with my chest. You can also experience Heart flutters, buzzing, feeling like wind is blowing through you, chest tightening, or nerves twitching in that area. It's always good to get a check up if you feel any type of pain just to make sure, but in my experience, all of my pain was associated with energy centers becoming active. My doctors never found anything wrong and all tests were good.

Hope that helps.

Love <3

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