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Recommended vibrational music

I have found the vibrational tracks from source vibrations - their website, or iTunes- to be very helpful. I listen to 528 Hz "Miracle" almost daily, along with "Golden Om Meditation". I receive a multitude of images in my minds eye when I sit alone, listening with headphones daily for 30 minutes. It has helped me become aware of the "construction" that is happening within and without me, and anchor myself to a channel of divine light that feels like it comes from 5 feet above my head, into my heart, and out to my fingers. The last few days I have been unable to feel great at the end because I have been so dizzy (worrying that I might faint).
About a few months ago I received the Magician tarot card several times, and pondered on that. For me it reinforced the need to materialize astral influences - bring heaven to earth. Isnt that what a miracle is? A tall task. I have bugun trying to ground myself (somethig i continually need help with) by connecting with my first chakra during mediation, and by putting my bare feet in the grass, as therapy. I don't do it as often as I planned- I have been so ill and exhausted this week that its hard to recall what I have done. It feels like I get out of bed, struggle, and then get back into bed, where I feel safe, where I can think clearly. The regular world is very challenging for me.
But the tracks on SourceVibrations are better than the other frequency/binaural options I have found. Also just got a beautiful album called Tibetan Chakra Meditations by Ben Scott and Christa Mitchell. I listen to my music when I need I wash dishes or do laundry- to release stress and stay in a gentle flow of activity.
I have also found that kundalini yoga, while super powerful and at times too much for me, has helped me tremendously. The weird thing is I actually knew what some of the mudras were (hand postures) without being taught. I can recommend the beginners DVD I use if anyone is interested.
I hope to be able to resume the yoga soon.
Yesterday was so frightening, and today is easier. Phew.

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