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relationship changes

by Catrina

I've been going through these changes for the past 2 years since I had a spiritual awakening. I have been finding myself so bored and restless now, and always wanting to learn more about the changes going on with earth. The problem is my boyfriend of 3 years. When we met I was just like everyone else. But now I don't want to party or spend money on expensive things or sit and watch tv all day. I feel like I can't talk to him because he doesn't believe any of this. He just changes the subject or says something like "oh that's not possible or that would never happen." Also I feel embarrassed and paranoid at times, especially if I get things for my 72 hr emergency pack.
The problem I've been having also is not wanting to be around people who seem oblivious and uncooperative to the changes in front of them. I don't know if its rude of me to only want to break up with him for those reasons, because he is great otherwise. But this all seems so simple and natural to me I don't want someone holding me back or making me question myself.
Anyone have similar issues with your spouses or loved ones, or insight?

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Apr 04, 2012
Loss of focus
by: Mishka Z

Its so amazing to see I am not alone in my beliefs. I feel almost obsessed wih my path and spend a lot of time alone, and have nothing to say to people who arent spiritual. Its not that i dont care for them, i just feel false in anything i say as its just to fill in the silence.
I feel a loss of faith in God, but at the same time have no idea what i expect him to be doing to help me. My illusions and weaknesses are coming to the forefront, which i making me depressed but at same time I feel i have some strenght to actually make changes for the first time.
I dont really want a boyfriend at the moment because i dont want them judging me. But as the other person on this page has said, a spiritual friend would be helpful. I too have joined spiritual circles, then i dont go for months, then start going again. Because they seem to flounce around too much and not take it as seriously as perhaps i do. And things they say make me annoyed (but then again maybe thats highlighting an issue within me?)

Mar 23, 2012
letting go of the old paradigm...
by: Anonymous

I too have had similar experiences...
I broke up with my boyfriend who was so caught up in the illusion...It seemed at first he believed in the spiritual things like me...
but it didn't last...he started drinking and watching tv almost all the time...I dont care for tv...I don't have any tolerance for anything that will distract me from my path...I spend alot of my time alone...even away from spiritual circles...I do long for a deep connection with someone on a spiritual level at times but, it doesen't last...and then Im back into hibernation again...My kids think Im depressed ...I think Im supposed to be going through this...I need the silence...more now than ever...

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