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releasing ego

for several months now I have been going through parts of my ego one by one and then releasing it. like I haven't felt real anger since I was very young but now extreme anger came over me every day. I let it through and it dissapeared after a while. it's very hard because some parts of the ego I've lived with for years I feel very ashamed of and now when it comes up stronger than ever it's hard not letting it feed on me. sometimes I'm following it for a while and I become quite unconcous before I wake up again. exhaustion and extremely absurd dreams every day and night.

thank you all for the love and the light you share, which helps me in the process of remembering who I am, who we all are.

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Sep 05, 2012
Rleasing Ego
by: Cecilia B

Supporting you spiritually - "we" are never alone; someone, somewhere - with love intent - is sending energy your way. Never give up! Enjoy your Journey. Peace!

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