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Relieving Light Body Symptoms

There are no quick or easy prescriptions for relieving light body symptoms. Each of us is created so uniquely, and with a specific divine purpose that is being actualized by our physical bodies and our light bodies.

As we transform, there are times when the process of purification can be quite arduous and challenging. Some of the mysterious ailments that may come and go can be uncomfortable, or may even require intervention from a health practitioner.

As our light bodies develop we become more sensitive to medicines, herbs, essential oils or even homeopathic medicines.  How do we know what to do with so many challenges?

I have found for myself that the two most important things I can do are:

  1. To focus on remaining connected with my own inner experience of God.  We all have this part of us that naturally trusts and knows that we are One.   When symptoms are intense, or require more intense interventions, you may have to work to  release yourself from energies of fear.
  2. From a place of faith and calm, ask for guidance.  When I sincerely ask Spirit for help, I always receive a response.  It may not be right away, or in the way I might want or think I need!

We each have a unique and precious attunement to our soul and larger Self, and this Source is always present and guiding us, even when we don't seem to be able to feel any kind of help. 

Some people find prayer, meditation, spending time in nature or in your house of worship can help you to attune more deeply to guidance.  You may also find meditative movement practices helpful in this this way.  I've sometimes received guidance during bodywork sessions.

Once you have an understanding of how to process, you will be able to set about finding help and support for your challenges. You may need to find a doctor, healer or holistically oriented health practitioner to assist you in your journey.

Make Time Each Day for your Light Body

Setting some time aside each day to sit quietly in prayer or meditation, even for a few minutes can be very helpful in developing a more conscious relationship with body. Get to know what your body needs and how it feels.

If you have a symptom in a particular area of your body, ask that part of you what the message it has for you is. My teacher Julie Redstone has a beautiful meditation called The Practice of Alignment which is very effective in helping to create a deeper connection with light.

The Practice of Listening to Your Light Body

One of the best ways we can care for our developing light bodies is to be aware of the impact that our various activities have on us. Because light is accelerating on the Earth and creating such major vibrational changes, we need to be in a constant dialogue with our bodies, giving loving attention to our needs with the willingness to adapt and be flexible based on the changes we are going.

In particular, we can be aware of the impact that foods, drinks, and other substances that we ingest may have on us. Notice how you feel after you eat and drink a particular food. Does it feel like it enhances your feeling of well being, or does it cause more disturbance? See The Sacred Consciousness of Food.

Notice the impact that different environments have on your light body. How do you feel at home, at work, out in nature, or at the supermarket? Where do you feel best? Where do you spend the most time?

Notice how your body feels when you are with the different people in your life. Does your body feel nourished by the people you are with?

Challenges to Easing Light Body Symptoms

It is not always as easy at it looks to ease the discomforts we are going through with light body symptoms. Some of our symptoms might appear to be a specific condition, for example a skin rash, but when we try to treat it with common skin rash remedies, the symptoms may actually get worse!

As our light bodies develop, new energy pathways are created within us, which may or may not harmonize with the energy signatures of the treatments that we may use to help ourselves. For this reason you need to be very patient when you try out different things, and free yourself from judgments or expectations.

Medicines, herbs and essential oil remedies are all very potent substances, which may or may not resonate with your light body if you are very sensitive. Mother Nature gives us thousands of medicinal plants and foods and so if one does not work for you, there are many options. I have found that whole foods can be excellent remedies which have a more balancing effect than many of the more medicinal herbs.

I recently got what looked like a severe candida infection, but the medical tests all came back negative. I was treating it with tea tree oil and other antifungal, which had no affect at all. Finally, my naturopathic doctor suggested we try a nourishing approach rather than trying to purge the infection. The remedies she recommended were too strong for me but from her guidance I discovered that probiotics and yogurt worked really well, were gentle and did not give me a headache.

I have found that gentle natural substances can be helpful for some light body symptoms. Sometimes the simplest approach is the best, like using ice to cool inflammation, making sure to drink plenty of water, or pressing the reflexology points in your feet. Sometimes you can get creative and discover new light body symptom remedies.

I recently was educating myself about natural skin care and discovered a home facial mask recipe that I modified to use for medicinal purposes. I woke up with a headache one day, and I knew that this would help my body without being too overwhelming. I combined a tablespoon of organic, full fat yogurt and a half teaspoon organic coffee, mixed it well and applied to my face. I left it on for 5 minutes, and then I started to feel the caffeine so I washed it off. Not only did my skin glow and feel great, but the small amount of caffeine in the coffee was absorbed by my skin and relieved my headache.

Changes to your Light Body

You may find that what worked well for you yesterday, last week or last year, may not help you today. Light is accelerating so quickly these days that for many of us, our bodies are transforming at every moment. A good practice is to simply ask for guidance before you take an herb or medicine, or try and ease one of your light body symptoms.

Sometimes you will have to take a trial and error approach to see what works for you. For example, one light body symptom I experience frequently is back and neck stiffness and spasming. When I was younger I used to love doing yoga to stretch my back, but I find that now that my back spasms get worse if I try to do yoga, even though I love the postures.

Another light body symptom I experience frequently right now is headaches. I really dislike taking medications but at the moment caffeine, generally in the form of Excedrin is the only thing that really helps. I can't drink coffee or green tea, which are more 'natural' but actually make my headaches worse. I've learned through trial and error and asking my inner guidance for help, that many of the herbs, herbal teas and nutritional supplements I was taking to support my health were actually causing me to have more frequent and intense headaches!

Some Simple Light Body Supports

Spiritual light comes from a higher dimension of reality into the physical planes of Earth, and even though it catalyzes our transformation process, light also can bring relief and healing. A regular time of meditation, prayer or Alignment can make a big difference in how you feel as you go through these changes. Our page on Light Body Tips has some simple suggestions that help to support the light body and create a maximum alignment with the higher dimensions of light.

Sharing Your Experience with Relieving Light Body Symptoms

What has helped to relieve your light body symptoms? Please share what you have learned at our Light Body Experiences discussion.

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