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Requesting a Print Version & missing "link"

by Christine

Dear Mashubi, the new Light Body message had a link to an article by Julie on Relationships as Energy. For some reason, the link did not work.

Also, as with World Blessings, would it be possible to make a printer friendly version, I've looked for the link and haven't seen it, although sometimes I look for things that are there and don't see them. I print much of your and Julie's writings and send them to a friend in prison.

Thank you,

Mashubi's response:

Thank you so much Christine for letting me know about the broken link in our newsletter. I've discovered the typo that created this problem and fixed it, and will notify people of the correct link. You can see the corrected link version below.

Relationships as Energy

This is a helpful article by Julie Redstone on the new effects of spiritual light on our bodies and also on our relationships. See Relationships as Energy.

I am so glad you share Julie's article with your friend who is in prison. Our site uses a special software that creates printer friendly versions of the pages has many wonderful features are not available on this site or

There is no way that I am aware of to get a printer friendly version of these pages, however I am in the process of creating offline, PDF versions of our sites. I don't know whether these will be more printer friendly or not, but I will make an announcement on our blog and newsletter lists once these are available so you can see whether these would work better for you. If any other option becomes available I will let you know!

With love and gratitude,

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Thank you
by: Mashubi

Hi Christine, thank you again for your questions. I have replied directly on the page, and if you have any further questions or comments, please respond to my message and I will alerted to your message. Love and blessings!

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