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Sad Feeling That I Don't Have Much Time Left

by Elle

I've been going through HUGE changes with the recent Eclipses. This last one on July 11th totally knocked me on my rear! I had to be in bed for 4 days, until I felt better. Lots of consistent head pressure/pain/extreme fatigue. What I've noticed this time, is that I have a strong sad feeling that I'm saying goodbye to everything. I'm not really sure what it means though. I do know that it's totally different from "Dark night of the soul" since I've experienced a few of those during my transition. This is different and it doesn't feel like any clearing or releasing.

Now, I'm not sure if I'm saying goodbye to living on Earth anymore, or if I'm just having a death of ego or personality? Maybe I'm just saying goodbye to my old self? But I do feel a very deep sadness and that there's not much time left. I just don't know exactly what it means.

I have noticed that in the past few weeks my psychic abilities have become alot stronger. I just "know" things before they happen. It's happening quite often actually. And I have no explanation of why I "know" things, I just do.

I don't think that I would leave the Earth or "die", because I have agreed to stay with her until she Ascends. I have strongly committed to that and even though things get rough sometimes, I have expressed that I don't want to "opt out" no matter what happens. I'm here til the end, so to speak...So whatever this feeling is, all I can say is that it's very overwhelming and VERY sad. I feel sad for everyone, for all people, all animals, plants, the sea etc...I feel like I'm saying goodbye.

The only symptoms I've had lately is having alot of work being done on my lower legs and my feet. I feel them being worked on constantly all day, poking and prodding, energies tickling and moving, clusters of nerves twitching at the same time. Also lots of energy coming in at the top of my head and crown movement. Other than that, just silly dreams of talking animals and birds.

I hope everyone is doing well and not having too much pain involved with this recent download, because for me it was brutal! Sending Love and neverending Hope for our Bright future :0)


Comments for Sad Feeling That I Don't Have Much Time Left

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Jul 23, 2011
sad and sweet : )
by: Graham

I find your experience sad and quite sweet. I've been going through this kind of feeling for so long that it seems normal :)
It doesn't matter my friend if you ARE preparing to leave the physical - - probably not any time soon, I am guessing - - and not for a long while unless you want to. The only thing that matters is you are becoming ready for Ascension, unto God.
This time we are experiencing now is more than very special; it's time for us to Ascend, and like the quotes on the site say, we can stay in the body while we do so . . .

Jul 24, 2010
saying goodbye
by: Syd, So. Colorado

i have been saying goodbye too but have been
intent on acending mother earth first. so maybe
she is ascending now. i feel like i'm a boat that was tethered but has been untied. you are
not alone, elle.

Jul 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

you have agreed to stay here until she ascends "maybe she is ascending, maybe its time for all?"

i have these pains also, they are verry strange, sometimes i crave for a massage or a hot spa, it leaves me feeling as if i cannot place myself anywhere but i have learned to deal with it as not much i can do until someone sends more advice my way.

i had weired pains in the lower region also and i couldnt be boathered to move, but this has gone now, but i do feel the tingling etc also but this is not as bad as it used to be.

what do you mean dark night of the soul, clearing away etc?

i do know the meaning and term but not verry clearly, you seem to know how to define it, can you please define it to me?

i didnt ever think that some of us were going to leave the earth? that is very strange to me, i wonder where we will go?? and if we do what about all the trouble with pollution and resorces being savaged away, we cannot leave all the troubles can we? if we have compassion for the earth and all being on the earth wont we just be brought back here again to help out?
if we are to go i think it would be better to stay and help others and ourselvs first so that we insure we dont have to get brought back to a similar mess?

thank you for your comment also

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