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Seeing Foggy Shadow Overlay

by Elle

Picture of Soul Star Chakra?

Picture of Soul Star Chakra?

May 12, 2010

I've been tracking my progress in this transformation we've all been going through. It seems that as I go through different phases of symptoms, I will read blogs about others having the same symptoms in the same timeframe.

FEBRUARY of this year I went through a phase of emitting a strong sweet smell from my skin and my hair was very oily during this time and also smelled very sweet. My hair would get oily just a few hours after I washed it! I also started to become aware of my lucid dreaming and learned how to detect it.

MARCH I was always hungry and eating constantly. I have gained 20 pounds in the last 8 months, but March was really bad with the food cravings. I also slept more and felt very emotional.

APRIL I had frequent pineal headaches and the beginning of seeing a foggy overlay everywhere. I see shadowy stuff moving around me and sometimes I see stationary tall shadowy objects that don't move. I can't figure out what they are but they are everywhere. I also had a spontaneous intense root chakra activation that felt like a weird vacuum and pressure sensation. It started after I saw a red mandala floating around the room!

Now in MAY, it's kindof difficult to explain what's happening, but I feel an energy the whole width of my body swaying inside of my physical body. It's almost like my Spiritual essence is moving around and having a good stretch! It feels good though, kinda like an energy massage. I'm also starting to hear people talking and having a conversation in my bedroom when I wake up in the morning. It's like there are many people standing around me talking to each other, but when I open my eyes, nobody is there and the talking stops. Also lots of dreams that seem to be some type of closure for issues with people that I've been dealing with in this lifetime. People who have hurt me or been mean to me have been saying sorry in my dreams this month. I've also had lots of flu-like symptoms with muscle aches, dizziness and feverish feeling (but no fever register on the thermometer). My sleeping pattern is all messed up and I have trouble falling asleep at night.

So I was thinking that maybe the shadowy overlay I am seeing is other dimensions? I see it constantly now, so I don't think this is a phase that will pass. The awful migraines I've had lately are probably my pineal gland (3rd eye) activating more, and that's why I am seeing more stuff. I'm curious to see how far this will go and if I will start to see "beings" around me. As of now, the things I see clearly are moving energies, geometrical shapes & patterns, symbols, orbs, gridlines and light sparkles(blue, grey and white).

I'm really tired and my physical body is exhausted after 3 yrs of constant upgrades...How much longer will this last? Better yet, how much longer will my body be able to tolerate this?

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May 20, 2010
Bless you!
by: Carol

What a beautiful picture. I feel that I know you.

I have a home in Arizona but for some reason, I was impressed to move to Canada. You are a special being who is here to help the Earth through this hard time.

Your experiences are for your learning. Pay attention and be grateful. You may not understand what is going on, but your subconscious knows the answers and will guide you if you listen with an open mind and a loving heart.

Just always remember how much Our Creator loves you. You are precious in His/Her eyes.

May 14, 2010
This may explain a few things
by: john h

Elle: I have a lot of answers to your questions, but I need more than the 3,000 characters allotted for the comments. I am married, so, don't worry about calling my wife and I. We know what is happening... In short to help you sleep, use camamelle tea, and spray on your clothes to help you relax. all the other questions you have, please call us, if it make you feel comfortable. john 702-769-7659

May 13, 2010
how long will this last
by: Sally

Good one.
2012 should level off..
who knows..
Minerals can help a great deal, from now on, if you listen to the fifth element talk. Magnesium, potassium, zinc and manganese, so important to supplement them as don't get in food.

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