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Seeing light flashes, lines, spots

by Charlotte

Anyone relate to this? Been going on for three weeks now. First, pressure in top of head, day later migraine headache symptoms with black vertical lines and spots that look like bugs flying around me in the daytime. At night, flashes of light out of corner of eye every time I blink. The lines left after first week, have turned into "floaters" that are blurred. But at night I keep seeing lights in sometimes spikey, sometimes round shapes. Pressure in eye. Anyone else getting anything similar?

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Aug 28, 2014
Luminous Light Flashes
by: Anonymous

I also often see flashes of light when I blink, mostly when it's dark. One night I saw my hands glowing luminous and when I moved them it made a trail of sparkling light. It was amazing! I kept blinking wondering if it was really happening. It continued for a couple of minutes. I sometimes have flashes, sparkles,spots or vague wavy, blurry effects, like the edge of a 3D picture.

Apr 24, 2012
by: Julie

Me to! I just told my daughter-in-law that I keep thinking that I see something but then I pay attention and it's gone. I thought maybe it was my imagination.

Apr 04, 2012
Wizzing lights and energy blocks
by: Anonymous

For three years I have been seeing things only out the corner of my eyes, like my perifrial vision, little flashes or orbs, they are either black or white, and wiz past, but i dont see them front on.
Also i sence like these annoying blocks of energy,their like giant tadpole shapes, they often wiz around me or family members and i try and push them away in my mind but its always like this tug of war, so i just give up trying to get rid of them.

Apr 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

Yeah, been seeing these for a few years now. Not sure why it's happening, but it seems like it has something to do with more light coming in.

The first times I saw this was a bit after starting some more intense energy training about 4 years ago.

I only saw them every once in a while, possibly when I was in a more focused state, but now I can pretty much see them every time I look for them.

For me they look like little balls of light just zipping around like fire-flies. And the occurrence of these lights seems to really come up a lot stronger and more often when I'm outside, probably because of the sun.

So yeah, I definitely think it's just something to do with more light going in you. But as for what they are, I really have no clue. Any guesses?

Mar 10, 2012
flashing lights
by: Anonymous

Always good to rule out anything going on with your retina by seeing an eye doctor, especially with the occurrence of floaters too.

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