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Sensitive to the SUN

by Christine
(New York)

I had a benign brain tumor many years ago. The tumor was pushing on my optic nerve. Anyway, since surgery, one of my eyes has a bigger pupil than the other and does NOT react to light. With this, when the sunlight is out (or rather, sun rays are out) I have to protect my eyes. I need really good sunglasses and I wear a hat. But in reading the lightbody symptoms, it sounds like everything about my previous brain tumor experience, is related to the LightBody! The day after surgery (as I felt like a whole new person) I developed many endocrine ailments (thyroid problems, pituitary problems, hormone problems, etc) and also nervous system issues. Anyway, my point is...I am now sensitive to the sunlight (along with basically everything else) and I'm just wondering if anyone else is sensitive to the ultra violet rays?

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May 31, 2010
sensitive to the sun
by: Ricky

I recently became very sensitive to the sun I feel like Ive been set on fire. It begins in my hands and feet and travels upward on my arms and legs. I have to limit my sun exposure to 5 minutes sometimes more or less depending on the weather. My eyes are becoming sensitive also i keep my place dim cause even artificial light hurts my eyes. It began dec. 2009 and its prgressed. I take time to meditate and find relaxation in hopes it will help me deal with the changes. Have you heard from others with the same condition?

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