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by Leigh
(New Zealand)

For a long time I have been very sensitive with many things, I feel others emotions, feel spirits, sometimes I think I must pick up on surrounding energies too. I sometimes feel nausious and like my skin is crawling and my heart beats fast and lately numbness and dizzy at the back of my head. I have found many plausable explanations, of which I piece together fragments that feel right to me, I have learnt meditation techniques, auric cleansing and other such things that help really well. The explanations on this website match a conclusion I was coming to myself - good timing really (synchronicity). I have been noticing an increased level of sensitivity over the past few years (new location) and feel that my house needs a lot of clearing out of old energies! :-)

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Jul 26, 2010
by: Alfred

for the Sage tips etc....
I am very sensitive to one corner in my room...nothing serious..but, my attention is always drawn to that corner... I had an old oriental chair in that corner... was not pleasant... moved the chair then my attention was drawn where I put the chair...I then took it downstairs on the patio... no problem there now.... recently I moved a mirror in that corner...and my attention was drawn ther once more... so I moved the mirror, feels a bit better now... basically every time I move something into that corner...I tend to become sensitive. I have cleared out the little cupboard that I have there... feels a bit better...also I just discipline myself not to think about it... it helps a bit. I will try some of those ideas you shared .

Jul 24, 2010
House clearing and protection
by: Anonymous

I have had many of the same symptoms. Sage, sage, sage,. Saging is an Indian tradition ans you must get every space in your house. This means pulling out drawers and opening all cabinets. Start by lighting the sage and go around each door, window and opening to the house. . Then follow each wall into every corner of every room, closet drawer etc. The other form of protection that you can use is imaging mirrors, surrounding yourself, facing outwards. You can also, plant crystal columns with each step. Evil can not stand to look at itself and the trick is remembering to put the mirrors up. I also have one more recommendation for house clearers. There are healers that can perform reikki on your house even from a distance. I hope this helps.

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