Severe ear pain since 2012 with vertigo recently

by Lucy

I suddenly lost low frequency hearing in my left ear following a horrible cold in February 2012. Although I suffer from tinnitus since the age of 8 (now 55), it has been worse since 2012. My reiki teacher believes that there was a "download" occurring to help me with ascension and my body wasn't ready for it....hmmmm perhaps!! Most recently there is neurological pain from back of neck up towards jaw, around ear and up to the crown chakra. An MRI resulted in a vascular loop and the VIIIth nerve being affected as well. This nerve travels along the same route as my pain. I have developed increased sensitivity to sounds - mostly loud and high pitched. I am a singer so undoubtedly this has been greatly affected! Currently on medication for vertigo but after 2 days, pain along nerve is worse. I am certain this is all part of the awakening process and on most days I go with it and try all that I can to calm symptoms but I do look forward for this to end as my quality of life is not that great at this time. Blessings to all!!!

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