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Severe lack of sleep

by susan H
(St. Petersburg, Florida)

I am having severe lack of sleep, mind wants to travel to places of letting go, not wanting to be here, to purely a lack of any motivation at all. I have always been an A type personality and always attraced to the spiritual study, I have a HUGE desire to just be, and every force within says NOPE that does not work, yet at the same time BALANCE becomes unavaliable, I have gone to long without sleep and loosing hair, body is CRAVING dreams and sleep, I am SANE for sure but this stage feels like I want to go back to my old ways of NOT KNOWING or feeling- Not sure how to proceed

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Jan 21, 2013
Healing the self
by: alfred

I suppose one needs to know your full background before any suggestions or help can be given. But I reckon, depending on your beliefs Western or Eastern--- I think seek to do selfless service (any form) towards animals or people -- it can become a form of meditation and inner reflection, and occupy the mind or at least getting it active in a possitive way. Be honest with youself, take responsibility for everything in your life... Most of all be gentle with yourself(-: reckon is difficult. Find a spiritual group that might be able to give advice. Hang out with them find a purpose with them til you heal... no time frame or pressure. Also check your diet, the more healthier the body, the mind will follow. Might just need some dicipline and routine.... We can chat and explore indepth... as you feel. Hugs

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