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Sexual Addiction

by Vincent

Through unskillfull use of sexuality thorugh pornography and masturbation I have become a slave to perverted sexual impulses. I am unable to break this bondage not because of lack of willpower but because this addictive process isnt that easy to get out. When I abstain I feel as if this energy is feeding off of me when I am unconscious through my dreams. I have tried rigorous fasting and have damaged my digestive system, I've tried sleeping 4 hours a night to try to get past the dreams, nothing works I cannot break free of it. Do you have any insight on how one can break free of harmful energies that can take possession of people?

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re: sexual addiction
by: Anonymous

Try Sex and Love Addictions Anonymous (SLAA) Look for a meeting near you,

You are on the Right Path
by: Barbara

As in any addiction you are making that your God, instead of God. Before enlightenment all addictions to food, stimulating substances and acts must be dropped and it is a process. Know that you are on the right path right now, because accepting that you indeed have a problem will lead you to the answer and is half the battle.

Don't beat yourself up about it either. Don't feel guilty. To be human is to be in the physical world and deal with everything that comes with being in this body.

You may want to ask also if there is anything in your past that you must release. Often sex addictions are associated with shame. Perhaps you weren't totally accepted by one or both or your parents. Or perhaps you were abused as a child. Only you know this. Yes, like the other comment suggests, the help of a therapist or group will also help.

I wish you well on your path towards the Light.


healing and cognitive therapies
by: Anonymous

I would recommend you seek and advanced healer to re align and balance your meridian system and work on developing new nuerolgical links Nueronets to rewire your brain from it's links to habitual patterns
try listening to
Dr Joe Dispenza on the brain and Ask and the teacher will appear
Often it is by stepping up to assist and help others we most help ourselves perhaps you could engage in specific healing classes yourself to transcend the level you were locked into
and share that healing with the many others who got STUCK in that ditch and brainwashes into control
all the best
as well there are therapy centres for sexual addictions that are available that can help you to re build your life

Here is some help.
by: John H ( Topeka Ks)

I understand where you are coming from. I will make this short and to the point. Sex is a very addicting thing. A male developes 2 million sperm cells an hour times 24 in a day that is 48 million in a day. Doctors explain that males have to release this, if they do not, it can damage them. Masterbation is a normal part of life, it does not make you any different from any one else, except that you admit it, when others do not. Porn sites on the web can be addicting to watch, if that is where your heart is. You have to change where your heart is and where your interests are before you can break any habits. anything in moderation is fine, but over indulgence is bad for you. Seek more spiritual awareness by connecting your thoughts and mind to God and the universe and wanting to become something more than what you currently are.( a highly developed spiritual being) cut back to a small number of times you watch porn, and keep cutting it back throughout the month. Before long you will be wanting to do other things besides watching porn. I am quiting smokng after 40 years, but i cannot do it over night, so i am cutting back to the point where i can no longer go without a smoke. before long i will have quit. the same applies to your situation. i hope this was helpfull.
love and peace to you.

my thoughts of sexual addiction .
by: Anonymous

well i think that maybe u r a just being natural , all people have these thoughts and feelings , some times if u have been taught that all sexual thing s r a sin and evil then this can make us feel like we r being a bad person or feel guilty , but i think that its ok to be a sexual being , i am trying to come to my own understanding of this part of me . i am not going to make sex a bad thing . love and embrace all of your selfs with out judgment .then we can interpret what is most important to us .being safe needs to be part of this . oh and who's to say what is bad for some is good for others

hope it helps
by: Anonymous

dont watch tv, dont listen to the radio, music or read any newspapers or magazines

if you are able to stay media free for long periods of time... it will make a huge difference

here's help
by: john H Kansas

First I am not going to be plastic like other people so I will be completley honest with you. Sex IS addicting and if it is not controlled it CAN be very dangerous. Here's the help right now, what i am about to write.

There is a chemical in the brain that releases itself whenever there is sex involved. This chemical is the addictive drug. It is liketrying to stop smoking, very difficult. Stopping immediatley wont help. What you have to do is cut back slowly. While your cutting back from whatever it books about spiritual assention and place yourself in a calm spiritual nature. Make oyur environment around you peacefull by using candles, insence, and beautiful decorations. When you feel the NEED to do something else you do not want to....close your eyes and concentrate on a higher plane of reality that you feel is peacefull to you. I had this SAME problem for quite a i did exactly what I am telling you what to do. Anything is moderation it is doing all the time, it can be dangerous, or very disturbing to a person. If you think of it, then you'll do it. Try not to focus on sex. Rather....focus on helping yourself assend to a higher plane of conciousness by focusing on other better dimensional realities, whatever those may be to you. Normally i would not do this, but if you need to talk my number is: seven, zero, two, seven, six, nine, seven, six, five, nine. my name is John. We are all here to help one another in life and that is how I live my life.

Here are my thoughts
by: Anonymous

Personally I have just recently stopped watching porn altogether as I found or knew the whole time it was and is addicting. Odds are like me you are or were using it to distract yourself or replace something. It's best to focus on what it's about, at least for me I have constantly told myself that sex is something meant for a couple who have embraced and love one another. good luck

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