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Sexual symptoms

Since I have been receiving palpable infusions of light, I have noticed an increase in sexual desire. I thought the opposite would occur. I assumed my sexual desire would diminish as I became more spiritual. Yet I find myself with more powerful libidinal impulses than when I was eighteen (a long, long time ago). Is this normal?

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Dec 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

yes i am feeling the same,
weired, i was not worrying about sex then all of a sudden i feel i am being attacked by the thought of having it,
i believe it has to do with my mind knowing that i used to have it, i believe i am being given the chance to tackle it by having the feeling and now being able to channel it "control it"
i do not know how to channel it yet or what i am suposed to do, i try to ignor it until i find a way find a way to channel it
i am not saying this is the best advise as we as conventional humans dont relly know much about the notion of true sexual nature, we are a little mixed up i feel

Aug 27, 2010
Thank you, Susan V
by: Anonymous


Do you have some insight about what my real motives were for writing the above comment? I'm not being facetious. I really would like to know.

Aug 09, 2010
Sexual Libido
by: Anonymous

Depending on your beliefs, sexual energy may or may not be a part of Spirituality. It does play a part in Kundalini and in Tantra. But it is not used solely to fulfill sexual desire, when used properly, it is used to raise the Kundalini and energy. It takes alot of discipline and concentration.

The Egyptians also used sexual energy in a way that is associated with what the "Ankh" symbol represents. The Ankh is believed to represent the literal shape and path of which the life force energy would come up your body and loop around your head reentering your Heart Chakra forming the shape of the Ankh - this was believed by Egyptians to be the key to eternal life.

Unfortunately there have been well known cases of Gurus or even Catholic Priests that have used their position to fulfill their sexual desire and would contribute to the belief of sex not being Spiritual. I can imagine that when the Chakra associated with sexuality is activated, it would increase your desire. Maybe your Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra) is very active right now?

As for myself, I have lost the desire completely for a couple of years now, but I think that has to do with what "Susan V." wrote in being able to see the "real" motives in people. I do seem to pick up on other's real motives and it can disgust me to the point of thinking I never want to have sex again! But I know it's not fair to say that everyone has those motives, it's just that I see it as the majority on a daily basis unfortunately. And yes, it is NOT so pleasant to have this "gift" or "curse". Sometimes I just wish I lived in ignorant bliss...

Maybe there will be a day that I will be able to associate sex with Spirituality for myself, but it will be difficult for myself, personally, because I have not encountered anyone in my life that truly believes sex is sacred.

~Love to you

Aug 08, 2010
Susan V
by: Anonymous

In contemplating your symptoms of an increased sexual libido, I cannot help but wonder why this is so significant to you. (?) This, to me, is so physical and not associated with Spirit, or a raising to a higher level of consciousness. I must share with you, that I have myself noticed that the increased energy is creating an ability in myself to 'see' the real motives of people; which is either a curse or a blessing. There are other noticeable phenomenon that I am experiencing, however, this is most predominant. It is an 'ability' that presents itself in every and all daily occurances, small or significant. And with ALL people I encounter.. known to me or not. I can'see',if you will, others real desires. Not so pleasant! The motives are sometimes quite pure and from the natural heart,and are instantly felt and appreciated ...yet zmotr often they are selfish..and even evil motives. I believe that the definition of 'evil' is the intentional killing or Spirit in others, for our own reward. It is revealing, yet not welcome to me (!) being that I would rather know my own motives, and not the motives of ALL others I encounter. Yet I am learning through this, to try NOT to judge what is made apparent to me. To have empathy, and just 'know' that some people are simply advancing at a slower pace. I feel in my being, that we will all be ONE (!) One day (thank you to the holy perfect loving Source (!) and in the near future. That will be a time of joy and fulfilled prophesy. ~

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