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Shambhala and the Silver Centaur

by Elle

Pic of Higher Chakras? Sedona 10.10.10

Pic of Higher Chakras? Sedona 10.10.10

December 7, 2010

I have continued to go through drastic changes in the last few months. I guess there was some finishing up to do for the end of 2010 in preparation for 2011. And I'm like a sponge learning SO MUCH in a very short amount of time.

I realized that I had gone thru the "dark" aspects of myself with my yucky experience at a job in New Mexico a few months back. I read a book called "The Black Sun - The Alchemy and Art of Darkness by David H. Rosen.

Reading that helped me understand that what I went through, although seemed to be THE scariest thing I've ever gone through in this lifetime,was just a process of inner Alchemy. So I'm done with it, gave gratitude for the learning experience, and came out of it with a better understanding of the integration process. All scary paranoid feelings and attachments are TRANSMUTED and RELEASED.

So now off to the next step of "integration". I slept for about 30 hours straight in the last couple of days. I had many dreams, but the one that stood out was a magical mystical dream with a fairy tale feeling. When I woke up it gave me the feeling of magic that I felt when I was a kid. I had an extremely vivid imagination as a kid. The song I heard as I was waking up was "Ask the Mountains" by Vangelis; a beautiful song that evokes that childhood feeling. I asked my Higher Self where this feeling came from and I got the word "Shambhala". As I was pulling away from the feeling, I saw a Silver Centaur and I also saw the words spelled out in front of me. So later in the day I went on the computer and searched "Centaur in Shambhala" and this is what I found:

It refers to the writings of Ken Wilber regarding The Centaur as part of the integration process. And it's funny because
his book publisher is "Shambhala".

So I've learned that I shouldn't have "hope" because hope is seen as an attachment to outcome. So I guess I won't use hope but I'll use "Faith" and "Belief" that the hardest parts are over with. I know the rest of the way won't be easy, but I have Faith and Believe that it will be no more than I can handle (and maybe just alittle easier?).

Sending lots of LOVE


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