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by Nicola
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

It's been a process that began years ago and continues to be part of my daily life as I open myself to spirit and it opens up my chakras, one by one. In hindsight, I can see a pattern of ailments and illnesses, even operations that coincided with each chakra being worked on, healed and cleared of childhood traumas. It hasn't always been a comfortable process; I recall the day I finally started to express my heartfelt emotions and for several days thereafter my chest felt like it had been hit by a truck! I could barely breathe, but I knew my heart chakra had suddenly been flung open.

I could name countless ailments, illnesses and breakdowns of old structures in my body but the journey I find is personal and unique to the individual. The process is not something you can learn through a book or workshop! It's something you go through alone and yet we all, at some point, will process the same awakening. My started shortly after my marriage fell apart and I told God to throw the book at me; that's precisely what he did, but I have no regrets. I am a transformed woman because of it, though no one would know on the outside - I look the same, but my perception has changed radically. What I have found is a great inner peace and happiness reliant on no one and nothing, but it's taken 14 years to get here!

God Bless

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