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Simon (England)

by Simon

I cant seem to drink as much Alcohol
and get drunk very quickly now!
Feel its time to stop drinking if i
want to assist my growth ... anyone
else having this experience ??

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Mar 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes, I have similar experiences. I am only 24 so I was used to drinking and going to bars with friends. Now I find not only is my tolerance lower, but the effects aren't even the same. If I have a beer I'll be buzzed but mostly really sleepy, if I drank more ( like 1) then my body skips the tipsy and drunk part and just gets sick or hungover. It's no fun at all and I barely even drink a glass of wine with dinner now.

Jun 11, 2010
Simon's experience
by: Valerie

yes, same experience for me, we are so much more sensitive than we used to be, be care guys lol!!! Love & Blessings Valerie

Feb 15, 2010
Yes it's true
by: Max

I've had a very similar experience to Simon, a relatively small amount of alcohol or marijuana goes a lot further then it used to. My girlfriend , who normally has an uncanny tolerance to alcohol, has recently been wolloped by a single beer! Also the people I have observing who are still drinking excessively are clearly exhibiting more bizarre behavior.

I think you may be on to something brother.

Jan 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

I used to look forward to the weekend to drink with friends and really enjoyed it. Since my awakening, my intolerance has slowly increased. It started with severe hangovers - I would have a hangover that would last for 2 to 3 days from regular consumption! Eventually, I had no desire to drink anymore since the alcohol was just making me feel sleepy. The last time I tried to have a martini with friends, I had a 2 day hangover with vomiting just from 1 martini. It's not worth it to me anymore so I gave it up altogether. I can't tolerate crowds anymore anyway, so it all ties in together.

I have heard from spiritual blog circles that getting drunk is not a good idea during this process. They suggest that it gives more opportunity for lower vibrational entities to bother you. I certainly do not wish to personally find out if that's true or not! I'll pass on the alcohol.

Jan 30, 2010
Alcohol consumption
by: Anonymous

I am inclined to think that your liver is just less able to deal with alcohol now. It depends how much you have been drinking over the last few years? Many people don't realise their consumption is too high. I assume you might be wondering if you are less able to take alcohol due to the consciousness changes ? Personally I would not think this is connected.

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