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Sleeping problems

by Gina

I haven't been sleeping well in months. I've tried many things from meditation, prayer, guided imagery, herbs. I've had sleep problems all my life, but they are at crisis point now. I'm going to do a sleep study, but wonder how much that will really help me. My sleep started to get worse after my mom passed away this year. And now, I've got vertigo coming and going. My head feels blocked up and I'm in a fog most days. If anyone had something positive to offer, please post it here. Thanks.

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Oct 11, 2010
by: Alfred

Kate basically said it all.

re: the vertigo... if u are using ear buds ... you might be hurting the inner-ear...try not using them ---the ear buds, that is... lol.

also, if u are on any medication/schedule drugs...that might be causing the sleeplessness. if not...might be blocked issues not dealt with...


Oct 09, 2010
Be still.
by: Kate

Hello Gina
Make sure ur active durring the day,
avoid caffeine and too much simple sugars.
Eat a diet rich in veggies, fruit, whole grains and proteins.
Increase fatty acids in ur diet: flax see oil, fatty fish, walnuts.
-Try to maintain a more positive state of mind,
clear ur energy in nature, let the sun shine on you.
-Take it easy and get back into balance with yourself, take time off from heavy stimulation.
-read before bed, listen to relaxing music.
-Meditate be in sillence an listen to what ur body tells u, what thoughts, ideas come to mind.
Be patient and accept the present moment, be here now.

Lots of love,

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