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Smiley Face - images while meditating

About a year ago I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, it was pitch black when suddenly I saw a small blue flash of light by my feet as I walked, it only lasted a few seconds then disappeared, walking out of the bathroom and back to bed I saw it flash again. I now see it every day and have become so used to seeing it that I call it my little blue friend, I seem to be able to call for it at will, if I havent seen it for a few hours I talk to it aloud in my head 'where are you little blue friend' and 'flash' it will appear for a few seconds infront or to the side of me and then disappear. A few months ago I started learning to meditate, I dont think I'm that good at meditating yet as I get so relaxed I'm normally asleep after 5 mins! The first thing I see when I close my eyes is my little blue friend who appears as a blue dot as if to say 'hello I'm here', he then disappears and is followed by other images, I have also seen a group of pin prick blue lights, a red light, a white light that starts off as a pin prick slowly getting bigger coming towards me, but it always disappears before any more happens, a golden grid like network of lines that formed a tunnell, I started willing myself down the tunnell but kept on losing the image, peoples faces, and written words, however the words are always too far away to read clearly and as soon as they start to get closer they also disappear. In the past week I have started to see an eye everytime I close my eyes, when I first saw it It was very intricate with eyelashes but now it is just the white of the eye and the pupil. Last night when meditating the pupil turned a bright blue colour and then the weirdest feeling started happening on my head, it felt like there were hundreds of bugs running around in my hair and on the top of my head, all wiggling about, this lasted for a few minutes and then eased off and i just fell asleep. Well thats my experiences so far, I am new to this but just wanted to share.

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