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Solar flares and energetic outburts on earth ...

by Grace

During the recent solar flares in January I experienced the most awful verbal racial abuse from a colleague at work who seemed totally unable to control herself and her mouth. The hostility had been building up for a while before they eventually erupted from her. I was so traumatised by it that I became ill and when I was well I decided to report it to the head of the organisation directly.

Only later did I get time to think about the connections here - Solar flares, Sun, and this particular woman just so happened to be a Leo sun sign. Her hatred for certain members of society was apparent by the verbal energy she gave off but also by her demeanour towards people.

But I feel she had to erupt for that energy to be cleared from her system in order for her to learn something about herself and the way she uses her energy.

It actually made me wonder about the energetic nature of the sun, and what it does to those who absorb large quantities of sunrays as opposed to those who don't. And also how it affects the fire signs of the zodiac. There were three fire signs in the office and during those solar flares they were all extremely angry and aggressive.

Anyone else noticed this effect?

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Sep 13, 2014
Solar flares
by: Anonymous

Check out Carlini institute online. Heathers has done a lot of research on solar flares and the affects on the body.

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