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some COOL stuff is happening here!

by John H
(Ranch cordova california)

oil spill from the air not all of it though

oil spill from the air not all of it though

Well, as some of you already know we are experiancing some major changes on Earth. I can help you learn about a few things here. Earth is going through a natural cycle right now as far as weather changes are concerned. Our planet cycles about every 12,000 ( thousand ) years as far as the weather patterns are concerned. we go through shifts, short ice ages and heat cycles. BUT!...right now we are helping it along with pumping carbon and toxins in the air.Our cycle actually began around 1850 something, but because of the industrial revolution we have stopped or say, partially slowed down earths natural cycle. If we had not done this, we would be in another ice age, a mini ice age that is. we are also moving into another part of our galaxy. You may not know that our solar system moves through space, but it does. we are moving toward the center of our milky way galaxy. On December 21st 2012 we will be in what they call the galatic equater. our planets will align in a perfect line, blocking the sun for a few hours to a few days, which will cause temporary darkness. At 11:11A.M. in the morning California time December 21st 2012 we will be in the center of our own galaxy as well. Because of our close proximity to our other planets, scientist are NOT sure if we will experiance more earth quakes because of the gravitational pull of our other planets on earth, but we may experiance them, or may not, just keep your eyes open. Also, we are in what they call sun cycle 24 ( source cited on N.A.S.A. web site ) we are experiancing solar flares here and there. The solar flares are suppose to peak at 11:11 A.M. December 21st 2012. C.N.N. said on May 7th 2010 that if we get hit by a solar flare it would cause 2 trillion dollars in damage. it would knock out ALL electricty for quite a while. It would throw us back 150 years technically. No cars would run, hospitals would go down, no water would be pumped, aircraft would fall from the air, trains would stop, refridgeraters would cold food. we would be walking for quite some time. The world is NOT coming to an end in 2012, it is just going to change and be different than what we already are used to. OH, for those who are into gaming..NO VIDEO GAMES either. some people believe that 2012 is the end of the world, some believe that jesus will return on that day and others say nothing will occur, but...whatever happens, is suppose to happen, just remember that and try to accept that for your own sake. You may want to get prepared just in case if something happens where we lose power. This is what I have done to get prepared. I have stored up on bottled water, canned foods that have a LONG experation date, I am buying hand pumps to pump water and filtration systems for the water. I have a medical kits together with medications, bandages, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc. I have put together a survival pack with tools, axes, knives, ropes, razors, soap, fish hooks, compasses, etc. NOW!..I may not need these things, BUT, being prepared never hurts anyone, it does NOT make a person paranoid, least I'm not paranoid as far as I can tell, well.. maybe just a little, but thats because I am not quite sure what may take place in 2012. BUT, I do know that we will experiance solar flares. don't let 2012 worry you to much, just be prepared just in case something happens, that is being smart, not scared. The center of our galaxy as far as scientists understand has an energy that we have never discovered before. They are saying that nothing may work in this NEW energy field because it may nuetralize our power, source cited on ( Coast to coast radio from scientists concerning new energy fields in the galaxy ) watch this on you tube. type in coast to coast radio 2012 new energy. as you ALL know, our oceans are being destroyed by this oil spill. here are some interesting FACTS. one quart of oil destroys 250,000 gallons of water. so, for every gallon of oil that is spilled into the ocean, one million gallons of water is destroyed. so, about 2percent of the oceans are destroyed now as far as my calculations are concerned. our eco system is dying and our coral reefs are dying. did you know we get almost 80 percent of our oxygen from our oceans, and 20 percent comes from trees. NOW is the time to tell B.P. to get thier _ _ _ _ together, I'll call it self instead of the other word. we all evolve and are changing and if this is the time where we are all changing with a new light body, then this is what is suppose to be. lets call it a metamorphesus, another way of looking at it. Ok, well...thats about it. monitor your changes if you are having any, and don't worry to much. if you would like to leave a comment, please do so.
take care and God bless you all.

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Jun 12, 2010
John H.,
by: Syd, So. Colorado

being prepared is smart, not paranoid.
I hope we will get help with service to other E.T.'s because life as we know it now will be no more. I used to live in L.A. and was drawn out
here to the Spanish Peaks of Southern Colorado.
Many think it is a survival place but I believe
there will be pockets of survival spots worldwide. I believe elevation and being inland will also help. Thanks for your thoughts and actions!

Jun 12, 2010
Earth & Consciousness Changes in 2012
by: Susan / Chandler, Arizona

In reference to your article John, I am grateful to you (!) for making time to write such an insightful message, about the end of the Grand Cycle. And, for giving scientific reference to it. I have studied this somewhat, and know in my mind (and heart)that the information you have offered is factual. (Also appreciate your references.) In looking at the big picture of how this alignment may affect the Earth and it's inhabitants, it brings to mind the balance of the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. All of these are components are gradually changing, and have been for about ten years. This purification and balance of the earth's body, mind and spirit, and our own individual human purification of mind. body and spirit, are as our precious guides Julie Redstone and Mashubi have compassionately and selflessly informed us of. Your calm acceptance, and spiritual intelligence,with the suggestion of wise preparation, is wonderful. I Know that your message will help many people. Just as World Blessings has. I see the Light Body phenomena as a blessing (a gift!) from the Source, our God. We have all chosen to be here in this life we're living, and in this miraculous time of enlightenment. God bless you also, and let's all stay in the Light, and help others to do so!!!

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