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some new information/ John H

by John H
(Rancho Cordova sacramento california)

I have already posted a few things on this sight, so I thought I would help you to really understand what is going on with yourself and the world. I cite my sources from ( coast to coast Radio on you tube )

Recently I have learned that human beings and thier souls, are made up of Vibrational frequencies and harmonics. For those who do not understand, I will make it easy to understand this information.When an opera singer sings, they can sing at certain vibrational frequencies that can shatter a wine glass, but ONLY on that frequency. When you listen to radio stations or watch Television, those channels are also on specific frequencies. Science have recently discovered that everything in the universe is made up of specific frequencies. They have also found out that specific frequencies can heal, or destroy the body and its cells. They have also found out that EARTH runs on a frequency and all humans are tied into this frequency. since our brains run on a frequency, all of us on specific different frequencies...follow me here...we can actually make things happen by thinking about them, a lot of us call this prayer. when we join together as groups of people we can actually change what is happening around us by all of us concentrating on the same thing. How this happens is this. everything has an atomic structure and those structures within our body vibrate at specific levels and frequencies, so...when we tune our brain onto a specific thought pattern we can actually manipulate those frequencies on an atomic level to change things around us. GOD, created us this way and said, if we have faith of a mustered seed we can move a mountain. what he meant was, if we concentrate at a specific level and believe we can move a mountain, then it can happen. When you put two or more frequencies together at the same frequencies, you get what they call...HARMONICS. it's like two guitars or more, playing the same note, it reinforces itself at a higher level and a stronger level. We.....people....can change our government and things around us, by all of us concentrating on a specific idea, or thing. since you are aware of universal change that is going on right now and how you are feeling, and things you are experiencing, you can understand what I am saying. If we want our world to change for the better, we ALL have to raise our conciousness" via specific frequecy levels, thought...that make it simple. Those who live inside the box, do not understand this, or us. Try this experiament, and watch what is what you do. for at least 21 days....think of something specific you want to happen...and concentrate on that almost all the time...and watch change happen around you. Example: when you are around you mate...think of them changing a channel on the a specific channell and watch what happens...I do this all the time for fun, and it happens. Think of influencing your boss to give you a raise, by thinking the thoughts " you will give me a raise" and do it when he or she is around you. I am telling you, as crazy as this sounds, it works. Focus and concentration is the key. you can also do self healing this way, just by concentrating on a specific part of your body over a period of time....the monks do this. so....I hope I have been helpful, and if you decide to do these things, let me know on the comment section of this letter and tell me your results. share this with information with others...oh, and by the way, this works very well with animals, especially when you look at them and concentrate love toward them, the feeling and the thought together. watch what happens to the animal, you can master this. have fun. John H

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