Someone Reaching Out...

by Norma H
(Sanford, Florida)

Ever since having colon cancer, which I'm now cancer free, I've been feeling someone massaging my feet. It's been happening almost everyday and it wakes me up. A couple of times I have looked but it's so dark in the room that I can't see anything and too afraid to get up. I wish I knew if it were my mom or dad doing this then I wouldn't be scared. Sometimes while I lay in bed I feel as though someone is lying next to me, thinking it's my husband I look but there's no one there. A few times the cover has been placed on me and again no one there. When I was a little girl I saw my grandfather at the foot of my bed, he had just passed away. I saw him reaching for my feet, I was so scared I threw the cover over my head and covered my feet. To this day I sleep with my feet covered. My mom used to tell my son that she would come back and tickle his feet. She passed away six years ago to this day my son sleeps with his feet covered. Maybe it is her, I hope so because I miss her terribly. Last night it happened again and this time I was wide awake. I decided to move my feet up just a little to see if it would stop and it did but just for a moment. The massaging started again, both feet. It feels so good but I wish I knew why this is happening. I doubt it's part of my chemo side effects and if it is, I would hate for it to stop.

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