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Sometimes I feel Invisible...

by Charlotte

...does anyone else have this happen? I can literally be in a room of people who don't know me, and it's as if they can't even see me! I mean, I speak and no one acknowledges that I'm even speaking, they bump into me as if they couldn't see I was there. There seems to be very little I have in common with everyday people. This is very strange to me, and I started to become self-conscious, like there was something wrong with me, or I must be giving off weird vibes or something. I am feeling like I'm not sure who I am, my identity is sort of melting or something similar to that. My eating is different. Nothing tastes right anymore. I think I'm hungry, then I don't enjoy the food except, for some reason ice cream and natural yogurt and apples. I've recently become unemployed and took a 5 week training for new skills. I've always been one to work hard and with pride in my work, but now I seem to have lost my ability to sell myself in the market place. I don't want to compete for a job like I used to. I just don't seem to fit in anywhere anymore. I have had lots of skin rashes and my face is breaking out worse than in my teens. I am very uncomfortable in this body right now. I have increased telepathy right now. I seem to already know what people are going to say, or are thinking and I creep my close relations out. My boyfriend says he can tell when he's going to have a problem with something because I know before him and will mention it just before it happens. I think I scare people. Is this happening with anyone else?

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Dec 14, 2012

Hi Charlotte
I totally understand where you are coming from. I too have had this happen to me many many times and I find it fascinating to say the least. I can stand on my driveway with my neighbours close by and it appears as if they dont see me - the other day I watched my neighbour go to her car and then return and walk close by me. Normally I will say hello but this time I remained quiet just to see what would happen - my presence was not acknowledged at all! and we are quite ok with each other - no disputes etc. Its fascinating. I can be in a group of people and say something and they look at everyone but me!!

My attitudes to life have been changing over the past few years like you but even so this has been happening for ions! I love it.

Dolores Cannon says we are in 5d earth now - so perhaps that has some bearing on it.

Like you the taste of food has changed - I dont like cooked food as much and I seem to have more energy and I am so very happy whilst others around me are very stressed.

I believe strongly in a life beyond this one since I ghave had 2 NDEs. I strongly believe in Jesus too, not in areligious way - he is amazing.

If you look carefully at the earliest King James bible - it is online, he teaches the philosophy that we are are all one.

I have also recently begun to look into Buddhism and have discovered that I have completed the first 2 stages of enlightenment and I havent been trying - I had no idea.

Its all so fascinating.

Oct 11, 2012
Doesn't resonate
by: Charlotte

Hello, thanks for your input, but what you said does not resonate with me. Depression has nothing to do with this experience for me. It was happening a lot at the time I posted this, but I now realize I was actually working on releasing the old negative ways at the time. It seems that I had raised my vibration enough to be invisible to those vibrating at a different frequency at times. I am more aware now of how this happens. Depression does the opposite for me. When I am feeling down and negative I am like a magnet for all sorts of unpleasant things, and the opposite of invisible happens. Just my experience, others may have a different one. Namaste

Oct 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

Ithink that everyone feels invisible it's because your angry about something or your giving our negative energy. Do you suffer from depression?
My daughter had to move home 2 years ago has no friends feels people at work is treating her differenty, her case worker dosn't listen to her complaints. She feels tired all the time dosn't eat or exercise. When I try to give her a compliment she rolls her eyes at me.
My boss at work say's smile at everyone and say Hi to everyone you pass by. See if this work for those who feel invisible.

Apr 06, 2012
I am also kind of invisible
by: Eliaska

Lots of people bump into me at the local supermarkets, very frequently a group of people are in my way and I can t pass so I have to really talk in a loud voice to get their attention, in a social reunion when I am sitting at a table with other people they all of a sudden stand up and leave as if I were not there, sometimes I speak and as if no one hears anything, some time ago I started getting less and less comments on facebook, no one writes on my wall anymore, it s as if I am "fading away" into thin air. I am invisible.

Mar 08, 2012
Me too!
by: Anonymous

Hello Charlotte!
The sames things are happening to me.
I remember me waiting for buying some cakes.While i was the only one customer just in front of the cashier ,she looked strange because she was looking for me in vain before to succeed in seeing me.
It's one example among many others.
It's a consequence of our ascension.:-)
I know, at the beginning, it's frustrating :-)))

Dec 31, 2011
people don't see me
by: jmt

i have felt invisible my entire life. people don't see me - they look past me. those that think they know me see what they want to see, which isn't me at all. sometimes not even remotely close. this is true even of my very own mother. this causes me to feel very alone, isolated. in my heart/mind/soul i know i am a unique being. i am a child of God, which makes me of worth. i am thankful for my belief in Him. without that i would have killed myself a long time ago. i really do not like being here.

Jun 25, 2011
by: Jay

I feel the same, all the time, even when people are talking to me, i think they just want to get away, i dont belive in god myself, I really dont belive in much anymore, i feel like everybody has just abandoned me, this world is corrupted and i wish i could fix it, no more wars, or fights.

Feb 12, 2011
I know
by: Anonymous

I can say the same thing for me,I have been for almost 2 months in a new university, and I see just to pass by everything and everyone without much "vision" Also I dont have a drive to get my degree anymore even when I just have 2 years left, I do not want money or power or make believe, and feel like crying often because I know macdonals its not an option.I wish that us the ones to go, dont have to endure this place where much nonsense is required from us . Guard your ceremonies, jobs, marriages, partnerships away I want absolutely nothing.

Dec 04, 2010
Maybe another take on this?
by: Anonymous

Who knows how I landed on this comment page, but ... well it's all for a good reason, right?

I'm thinking, in this oddly perplexing state of living, that's while it's very easy to feel slighted, hurt, disregarded? What if instead it is a freedom others around you don't have, meaning an opportunity to finally relax, not have to feel so self-conscious, shy, awkward? I've heard comments nearly every day of my life about attractiveness, sexiness, niceness, smartness -- and although also beeing crippled with shyness, this odd sense of not really being with a group or setting (like transparency is setting in) is perhaps a nice safe place to relax and explore the space with privacy and freedom? Like getting to get away with acts of kindess, gestures of love, and not having to feel embarrassed finally?

Just a thought. It's definitely wierd to feel like you don't even take up space, esp. when you've been noticed and smiled at all your life. But what if it's a blessing to be heading to a transparent place among the crowds?

If this keeps up, I'm wearing mismatched socks to see if it even matters to worry about that stuff now :)



May 04, 2010
from the heart
by: john h

Charlotte. What you are experiancing is what I call ( Peoples disconnection ) what that means is that people a lot of them are truly disconnected spiritually. People click with others who are like them. YOU are not doing anything wrong. Your frequency level is changing from within. Your body is adapting to that. I have had the same thing happen even when there is just me and another person I am talking with. They want to leave and get out as quickly as possible. What people don't understand they run from and they normally don't even understand what they are running from.My family cannot understand where I am coming from, but others do. Hun, it is NOT you, it is them. You are moving to a higher spiritual plane. Other people feel that coming from you, it scares them so they ignore you and run. Realize that in this world there are those who will never learn true love or happiness or connectedness. You are blessed with the gift God has given you. You connect with us on this site, we understand. Don't question yourself, be assured that what is happening is happening for a reason and that the reason is a good thing.
john h california

Nov 30, 2009
by: Sally

Yes, a sign, you are vibrating at different frequencies. It can feel creepy, but no judgement and it's okay.

Nov 25, 2009
by: Sunflower

I never knew that anyone else ever experienced this! I have felt invisible for most of my life -- more like an observer from a distance, rather than a part of whatever was going on. I have often wondered if I actually WAS invisible! I am so glad to know that I'm not alone in this and that maybe there's a good explanation!

I, too, have trouble focusing on the the basics of life. My mind and my heart are with God continually. I want to study spiritual things all the time, and I am consumed with a desire to help people in some way. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I don't have to worry about going to a job outside of the house (except for my volunteer work), but I have plenty to do just taking care of my family, and it is so hard to focus on these things! I often feel so ungrounded and scattered and like I'm just floating above everything, like my body is here on the Earth doing what needs to be done, but my mind is somewhere else completely. I'd like to feel whole again someday.

Nov 25, 2009
Thank you to all!
by: Charlotte

To all who have commented: thank you for sharing. I think when I know it's part of the process I can be more hopeful and endure. Just to know it happens to someone else is somehow comforting, to not think I am crazy. Those who are not "up to speed" yet do not understand when I explain these symptoms and keep advising me to get counseling. When I speak to counselors, it's all old information, "been there, done that" sort of thing. This website I think will save my life. Thank you again. I sort of had an insight from my guides that it was a vibrational thing, but wanted to hear others' experiences to relate what's going on with me. I am so excited for what is to come, and yet feel there is so much to do, so much to learn, and that my time is best spent with Spiritual things, which is causing a problem with actually going to work anymore. Speaking of time, that's part of the problem with "work work", I can't seem to keep track of time at all and am always getting myself in trouble with others...they are getting impatient with me that it doesn't seem important to me anymore, but time just slips by, and I don't even realize it. The logistics of this process are stressful right now.

Nov 25, 2009
by: Si

Charlotte....believe me, my dear, you are most definitely NOT alone in what you are experiencing.

Invisibility is a classic symptom of the ascension process. It's caused by your higher emerging frequency. You are literally on a different wavelength to those around you. Just as you can't hear one radio programme if you are tuned into another, so people can't tune into YOUR radio programme.

There is NOTHING wrong with you! Au contraire!

I have had this experience for many years, and this is why I live virtually alone, [although my 13-year-old daughter still lives with me]..... and she is also on "the path", so to speak.

It's something - just another thing - that we have had to endure as "wayshowers" in the ascension process.

Here is something that may perk you up:

Blessings - Si

Nov 25, 2009
by: Deborah

Yes, I have and do feel the same as you do in your description in the first part of your paragraph. I can't explain it, but it has gone on for a long time. I've learned to dismiss it. I guess I accepted it for some reason. People don't even see me and run into me when I'm walking in a mall or public place. My husband has noticed this as well and has said, its like you're invisible. I seem to fall between the cracks and in a classroom of 6 people I see 3 to 4 days a wk all day, I'm forgotten about. I haven't been aware of my diet, but I have had a lot of stomach issues and gone on with a lot of tests for my liver and gall bladder that have turned out to be normal and the Drs cannot find a reason for my painful upsets that occur, so they decided to call it indigestion. I've started taking a probiotic and a prescription given for stomach spasms. I have
peppermint oil I drink in hot water to soothe the
upsets. But the part of being invisible is definitely familiar.

Nov 25, 2009
I can relate
by: brendan

I always feel like no one notices me wherever I go and I am attractive which seems to make me feel ever more crazy. I can relate to almost all of what you said. I think the negative stuff will pass in due time.lets hope and pray they do because I am about to go insane.

Nov 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

I know a light being who suffers from invisibility, also has intense rashes and sores. All kinds of people ignoring this person, including those providing services. In this case, I believe it is a phenomenon due not just to increased light, but also to a force somehow making this person invisible to many. It seems it has to be endured, tolerated and kept in perspective waiting for the larger energetic picture to change.

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