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soulfully stuck

by tony
(missouri, USA)

This is the first time I have ever seen a tittle for what my whole life has been. It has only been a couple months that I have started to find you all, by that I mean people that aren't asleep at the wheel of life, and It has flamed back in me a light and passion that I had almost felt die. I have felt lost my entire life because I could never understand why people fight and harm each other so much. I would always try to get people to work together and be understanding of each other and it seem like even the few who were interested in seeing the other person side they couldn't. It wasn't till later in life that I discover there is no other side. It is in fact all the same side because everything is connected. I would retreat from the world and life because people didn't make sense. I lived in my own head and by my own rules. I refused to be like everyone else not because I didn't want to fit in, I just could be mean for personal gain and it seemed all roads led there, so I walked my own. Well, to say the least being a lone wolf, so to speak, means there's no help when you fall. And I fell hard. I got sent to prison for 4 years and lost everything that I loved. It was in that madness that I learned that the only way to find peace in to be peaceful no matter what. I learned that even in the worst situation you can find beauty and kindness. I could see even there that there seemed to be less of a drive for people to harm each other. That started to give me hope and since my time there was done I have dedicated my life to helping everyone I meet see the truth of life. And that is that love is the only truth and even the most horrific act is just a symptom of people seeing themselves as separate from each other and that the only way to mend that bond is through love. I am a soon to be father of 4 now. I have a loving woman and I love my life. The problem is I feel a calling and that calling would mean leaving all that I love behind and I don't know what to do cause it feels like my heart is teling me to follow the call, but it's telling that it will hurt the ones I love if I go. Please help

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Mar 30, 2013
follow your path and all will come right
by: Anonymous

Dear tony, i have had similar experiences to you.. One thing I have experieced is whenI go to my highest point, or where i feel i need to be spiritually, desipite our confront to follow this..(and is our own confront, and not treating other people as victims), that everything works out for everyone we are connected to.. it also demonstrates that we are all unique and powerful, and allows other people to make their 'right moves'.. Also all our partners and children want is for us to be happy.. when we are following our dreams, they will come right as well..
good luck and their purposes may be to back you to follow your purpose, which will keep everyone on track xx

Nov 24, 2012
may I help u?
by: Anonymous

Hi tony a lot of good people out there suffer among the bad!
A friend of mine (can't use his name) was facing same situations like you, he was so good that he won't even think of doing harm to a person who hurts him. He felt exatly the same way as u feel. We both joined and did the rajyog in Brahma kumaries. He lifts himself now when something happens as if he is self sufficient!
I'm not asking you to join but you may give it a try. If it works for you, I'll be happy that I helped someone.

Aug 27, 2012
thank you
by: tony

Thank you all for you words of guidence. When I said my calling would leave my loved ones behind. I didn't mean for good. What I feel I'm supposed to do would just mean traveling and I would leave for a little while and I'm worried that any amount of time away would be painfull to my loved ones

Aug 26, 2012
Positive Vision
by: Anonymous

Amen Cecelia!

Aug 26, 2012
"soulfully stuck"
by: Cecilia B.

When in doubt,Fast! No soul has to be 'stuck' when accessing the Universe is at your "mind-tips". The Universe, our Guides, our Brethren are ever vigil for us, able to council, love, carry us to the next breathe. Others are apparently dependent on you, the Universe is cognizant and BIG enough to know and process ALL for Everyone and Thing. Surrender your being in homage to the Higher Power which resides in all of us -- Ask, and it shall be given you - Seek, and you will find. Homage and Respect to Divine Order always has and always meet every human need.

[We are here to EVOLVE, and Mankind needs relationships in which to grow. It is time for you to protect your children and spouse, not leave them to fend for themselves. Evolution is comprised of Faith, Trust, Love, Chaste, Honesty, Integrity.]

Aug 26, 2012
re: soulfully stuck
by: Anonymous

Tony, your words and learning and commitment to be peaceful no matter what are deeply powerful words, as it is what helps us align with God in any situation, no matter how hard or difficult it is.

The question about a calling seems a little different. In my experience, a calling has not taken me away from those I loved, but there has been important learnings for all involved in communicating and maintaining the bonds of love. It may be that you can travel together. You might inquire at WorldBlessings Messages by Request about a question like this.

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