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I have been hearing sounds that are hard to describe, but it's like a radio station is on but nobody is broadcasting anything, at least not yet. Has anyone else had this symptom?

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Jun 10, 2010
our spiritual ears
by: Genevieve 1Love Ra

Hello Beloveds,

The sounds that you are hearing in your inner ears or spiritual ears as I like to call them : ) are Indeed a part of the Ascension process.

This One has been experiencing this phenomena continually for an extended period of time and here is what i can share with you Dear Heart : )

It feels and i have experienced it to be like a combination of energy signatures, re-wiring circuitry, tuning up and tuning in. Also it functions as a direct link to the grids of light inter and multi-dimensionally such that you can communicate through thoughts, feelings, and words to Ignite the Grid with your personal brand of LoveLight!

Welcome to the awesome experience of having a direct line of communication with our off earth and angelic realm family. It may be a bit bothersome at first, but it Is Pure Joy to feel so closely connected all the time : ) and it has been a great blessing for this One!

May your Ascension experience Be Blessed in every moment with feelings of Unconditional Love, Peace, Joy, and Ecstasy

Apr 13, 2010
by: T

I have heard what sounds like a radio broadcasting like 3 doors away but can't make it out... thought it was strange and asked about it at a spiritual bookstore...they directed me to information on Light Body...can't really identify much else...but I read that these broadcasts are passing along information...

Apr 06, 2010
by: Jay T, India

Hi Elle - This is Jay writing you from India. I heard the same sound that you have described that shook my body for a min or so. I wanted to open my eyes in that time but my eyes were forcefully shut down. After this has happened, 3-4 day time, the whole ascension process started for me. The buzz sound connected to me long ago though (Like the radio station stuff...).

Apr 05, 2010
Hearing Sounds
by: Elle (Arizona)

Yes, I have been hearing sounds too. From hum noises, to overpowering noises from within. In fact, I was awakened from my sleep in the middle of the night last night with a VERY loud noise. It sounded kindof like the screeching noise when you call a fax machine. It was inside my head and not the regular little ringing noise or hum in my ear. It came from inside of me and it startled me awake.

I read something that the louder overpowering sound is an "inner sound". I can imagine that if we are all energy and frequency, we would have a sound also. It makes sense. But maybe what you are hearing is the sound of the Universe, sort of like a hum. That sound seems to be very comforting, I enjoy hearing it.

You may hear lots of different unexplained noises, sometimes even crickets, animals, chanting or bells. But it's all good. It's just part of the process that we are all going through. You are very Blessed!

Sending you lots of Love on your journey :0)

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