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Special Ground Forces

by Colleen
(West Coast Florida USA)

Well, dear Mashubi, I was totally surprised by your request to share my light body experiences. Delighted, but caught unaware that someone would ask! I guess that is a sure sign of how used to "going it alone" that I am!

I am very sensitive to the energies coming in, and a big part of my "job" is to walk the nearby 4 1/2 mile nature trail, daily if I can, to ground in these energies by securely fastening to the inner core of the planet, bringing the energies up through my vertical channel and out through my crown to the cosmos, and back down again, repeatedly. I usually do this near sunset, when the new codings are strongest (they are as well at sunrise, but I'm not a morning person). During this walk, I also monitor the skies, and have seen many,many things, as well as monitor the plant and animal life. All is well and is progressing. There is alot of water in this park, and there are days when the water is magenta colored. (just an interesting side-note).

Another part of my job has been working with meditation groups and Mother Gaia (now Terra Nova) to transmute the negative energies. The most demanding physical symptom I have dealt with in the past year is extreme fatigue. There are days when I can just about get out of bed and make it to the couch. There are other days when I stay up all night, working on a humanitarian project, and sleep intermittently during that day. I just went through three days of this, and today, my energy level is normal, and so were the skies. I have not worn a watch in two years...time has no meaning for me anymore. I do sleep when my body needs it, because I feel this is very important to the upgrade to crystalline light body.

My next biggest physical complaint is severe low back pain, and everyday neck pain. Headache in the pineal gland area is next common. Bloating is common...I am carrying an extra 5 pounds for no reason. As far as diet: I find I am repulsed by meat and dairy, but not satisfied by salad and I'm working on this. I'm allegic to anything with gluten, so the choices are narrow!

Another infrequent, but repeating symptom is rashes and post-nasal drip.

I am also releasing so many negative memories, and severing cords with those who do not serve my higher good. Trust me, this has left me feeling very lonely alot, but I know it must be done. Between the releasing of my own negative emotions, and the transmuting of the suffering of the planet, I have had periods of crying for this week. I was struck with a bold idea about this this evening on my walk, but perhaps that is for another post.

The wonderful part of all of this is that I have never felt more centered, more balanced, more in tune with everything in Creation, and more sure that I am on my Path, and that all is proceeding in Divine Perfect Order. I am strong, protected, secure and fear nothing. I am not afraid to share my feelings, to love, to be loved and to live in the moment completely guided by my Heart.

Namaste. I love you.

Love and joy,

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Nov 21, 2009
On the Same Page
by: Sydney

Hi Colleen,

Thank you for sharing what you're going through.
My experience mirrors yours amazingly so.
Your walking, your grounding cosmic energies in the Core of Terra Nova. Stabilizing Earth.
Doing the same here in Colorado. I do the moving meditation called The Dance here and I walk around this lake called Martin Lake and all I can say is: Ditto.

I too know I am finally really being and doing what I came here to do!

Fatigue, sinus, headaches, aching muscles as the body upgrades. Crying spells, sadness yet knowing that all is well. I am finally feeling good in my skin, being me and not playing the human indoctrination games of the past.

I am too being repulsed by flesh eating but not too happy with eating anything at all because it brings me no great satisfaction or feeling of true nourishment. Got to get out in the sun more!

Got 5 extra pounds on me too.

I am enjoying being on this wonderful website and connecting with others: Mark Huber's GRT,, Karen Bishop, Barbara Rose etc.

Thanks for holding the space, dear soul!

Thank you Mashubi.

Oh, I have felt so alone too. And I know we are supposed to come together in communities soon and I am so ready!

Love and Hugs,

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