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Specific Light Body Resources

by Mashubi

These are some possible new light body resources that we could add to the site. Please let me know which of these you prefer, or if you have additional ideas that you would find helpful!

  • Question and Answer Forum to ask for guidance about specific light body challenges and issues.

  • Spiritual guidance messages from the Realms of Light about the new light body.

  • More articles on the new light body.

  • Practical advice and sharing on things that can help alleviate the discomfort that many of us are feeling in our bodies as we transform.

These are just a few ideas. Which would you find most helpful? Do you have additional suggestion? Please let me know. Thank you so much!

Comments for Specific Light Body Resources

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Feb 05, 2012
I Will Know
by: Georgette

A few years ago, I had an experience in which I levitated in what seemed an out of body experience. As I levitated, I was face to face with a being and we were both white light--and, all that surrounded us was white light. It was a brilliant light, a loving light, a "Joyful" light. This being, whom I now refer to as "Joy"...well, we telepathically communicated with eachother. "She" shared so many "truths" with me to the point of my becoming filled with "joy". While in that state, I cried as my body filled up with this joyous state. As I felt myself going back to my body, I asked Joy if I would remember all that she told me--I wanted to write it all down. BUT, she told me--clearly, and it's the only thing I remember: "You will know what you need to know when you need to know it". That was it. This is how it's been for me. I've met with Joy perhaps one time after that; and, I know have what I term as closer contacts with her through what seems my alpha level of sleep. We'll communicating and she "downloads" information to me. AND, still--as we're communicating, I totally comprehend all, but when I wake, I have to trust that I will know when I need to know.

This is an interestingly lonely journey, but, I've learned to reach out to forums like this and trust higher-self/Source/Oversoul.

May 14, 2010
This may help
by: John H

Hello Mashubi: I find that these things help me go through the day and it may help others. here is a list.
1: Have a positive attiutde all day.
2: Know in yourself, that everything happens for a reason.
3: Focus on the higher being all day, ( God ) the universe all in the same.
4: Always give love to others even if they are mean to you.
5: Connect with yourself and the universe. do this with concentration and relaxation.
6: Use Camamelle tea, drink it before bed, it helps you relax and sleep.
7: Enjoy your experiances and let the energy flow through you during the day.
8: Focus on your mind, body and soul and make them sync with one another by using concentration and your own frequencies to sync them
9: Connect to the universe through relaxation, Taking a hot bath with candels and quiet. Use insence and candels, and camamelle spray.
10: Know you are a higher spiritual being and accept that.
just some helpfull hints.

Nov 19, 2008
by: peg

Hi Mashubi,
Hello Everyone! Yes, it is quite scary! To say the least! I think it is a matter of how in touch we are with things as to the magnitude we feel them........ I being an empath, amongst many other this feel a BUNCH!!!!!!!! I feel the world shifting and changing all within side my body! We are our own Universe I have been told. I have felt this battle between dark and light for so long now, it's like I've gotten used to it.
There was a period where daily I felt I would't live another day. I was in a sense afraid to die, BUT have already had two near death experiences, I truly am not TOO afraid. What bothered me more during thse times, was not to know what was going on and the thoughts of how those I love the most would be hurt, if I did go home. Which trust me, I've wanted more than a few times!
BUT I am not done yet and they will not let me come home till I am!!!!!!!!!!!!
For me, what I have come to understand is there is a reason for all of this. Just ride it out is what I am being told........ Feel the pain, don't cover it up, for it will keep coming till I do. Accept it and become one with it and go from there.
Anytime I take an aspirin, My body pukes it back up!!!!!!!!!!!! That's not what this is about. I keep asking, sometimes not so graciously, THEN WHAT IS IT ABOUT!!!!!!!!!
I am told when I need to know I will! I have to say thank you and just deal with it......
When I receive the bigger picture, I'll let you know..... Until then, I suppose I just fumble through this like everone else, carrying my little white candle and hoping for the end to come soon.
Love and Light,

Nov 17, 2008
Thank you...
by: Mashubi

Thank you Eric, Peg and Huma for your suggestions and support! If you have other suggestions that come to you later on, please let me know.

Yes Peg, I can relate to your challenges. I have an ongoing earning process in working with healers and health professionals as well. There is a lot of discernment required on my part, as my own body does not really respond to things the way 'normally' (if there is any such thing anymore!) There are some healing modalities that really do help me, if I am able to find the right practitioners who are skilled and relatively clear within themselves ... but this does not always work out for me even in the best of circumstances, and this does have its risks as well. I always ask for guidance before making any kind of intervention to my body, even taking a new supplement. If the guidance isn't a really clear 'yes', then I let it go or wait for another time.

Nov 15, 2008
All four
by: Huma

Blessing Mashubi:

I would also say that all four would be very useful and so meaningful. They would each provide a differnt venue for answering our light body questions and the "symptoms" that I ve been experiencing.

Nov 14, 2008
All of the Above
by: Peg

Hi Mashubi,
I feel all of the options would be good here. for each will touch those in need of it a different way......
I've contemplated going to the "doctor" many times. But after paying attention, it can't be physical, even though I feel all these things on that level, because EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!! It's new and different!!!!!!!!!
Why waste my time and money on those things? When I know it's spiritual and our bodies are being transformed. They'd take my money, sure! And they'd even find something I would have to take pills for, because that is their job!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, I have no faith in doctors.....

Nov 13, 2008
What to do?
by: Eric

Yes, I would appreciate some suggestions on how to deal with my problems. Even my naturopathic doctor does not know how to help me.

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