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spirits touching me in the day and night

by Paul
(Chicago, IL)

Hello to Everyone! Excuse my writing, grammar, etc.
My name is Paul and i have a similar story.
All i tell you is very true, im sorry to be in this place. Ive been a New Ager most of my life, over 20 years to be exact...Was into everything, you name it, been There done that. I got so far into practices that i started learning Kabbalah. I could not stand religion...was against it in every way. I owned gems stones and crystals practiced yoga and mantras. I realized i had opened doors when i started feeling spirits walking on my bed, i would literately feel the weight like a human walking on the bed and when i opened my eyes i saw purple darts hitting me in the head and dark shadows flying around. i was so far into what i was doing i never thought twice that something was wrong...thought it was spirit guides. I never ever got into any black magic or voodoo...just your regular wanting to evolve, manifest and control good things into my life...that was my thinking. Then i thought id take it to the next level. I contact a very well known high priest of kabbalah...he was the real deal, so much its scary. I paid him to do a prayer ceremony for Luck, Success, Relationship, etc. part of his ritual was a cleansing ceremony and prayer to the highest rank...he sent me a sheep skin talisman with writings on it...kinda like a contract. he said keep it with me at all times and it will bring me all these things. I received it in the mail and i tell you the energy that was coming from this thing was Woe! 2 nights before i had received it something in my conscience kept putting worry in me. i opened it to see what was written and of course it was written in a language i did not understand. I got a bad feeling and rolled it back up invisible spirit hit my body with this orgasmic feeling, my body fell to the couch. I grabbed all of my gems everything related...walked a half a mile to the lake and through all into water. Now the night i saw that video i got down on my hands and knee's and prayed to Jesus for the first time...3 days after i through the gems and talisman and i forgot to mention pheromone oils out. Three days later, I promise what i say is true beyond words... I was laying awake with my eyes closed in bed, it was morning and a voice outside my head as if someone was standing next to me said Paul L. You Have Been Saved! I turned and opened my eyes and said, Who said that. This story gets deeper with what your all dealing with that came to me me out. I was new to religion and made a lot of mistakes that are the consequences of now… the bible was a strange read at first, I will say, only with the holy spirit in you can you understand in a way that is so Holy. My girlfriend was a non believer, which made for a disaster. I stopped a lot of things but was far from perfect. I was lustful in many ways. I sometimes had sexual relations with her, and knew better…that’s called willfully sinning. I did experience in this time the Holy Spirit vibrate through my body at the beginning of me being saved…it felt pure like something cleaning you out. I felt light, calm and happy. Then I through it all away by willfully sinning after being saved. Everything changed…sexual spirits began to attack me sexually with sensations of electricity, prickles, and ecstasy feelings that zapped my energy. They would feel like they were attached to me and I would feel nauseas, weak and get headaches. If you are not a saved Christian….giving yourself to the Lord Jesus will stop everything. He truly is the Lord, Son of God with all Authority over mankind. I never believed in demons or Satan, nor did I believe in the bible at all…Now I know for a Fact this is Real. I personally messed up as a Christian so I am going to a church that does Deliverances. I will update everyone on my progress with the deliverance session. May the Lord have mercy on me. Hell is Real! Please put all ego and be very careful what you practice.

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