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Spiritual Awakening

by Jennifer F
(Castro Valley, California, USA)

Through Kundalini/Spiritual awakening I feel energy radiating and vibrating throughout my body almost constantly. There is a constant buzzing in my ears and I notice it more at night when I lay down to sleep. My third eye and crown chakra have been awakened during meditation and I have gotten to where my crown chakra is completely lit up and my body is surrounded in what feels like a peaceful cocoon made of cotton. When fear or thoughts come in during this elevated meditation, I feel the light dimming and the vibration going lower. I have been energetic and restless. Some nights I can't get to sleep, while other nights I sleep heavily for 10 hours. I dream constantly, but that is nothing new. When I am around negative energy, stress or anxiety, the vibrating in my body disappears. I am cold a lot as well. I've been on a path to spiritual awakening for several months and have not been in the 9-5 crazy world, which has cleared my energy to experience this awakening. When I am around certain places or things that bring my vibration down, I can literally feel the heaviness/darkness around me. It's like being in spiritual smog. I get very frustrated and antsy in these situations. I am more creative and I am able to hear my inner voice more these days. When I listen, my path is cleared. When I ignore it, bad things happen. I have a lot more compassion for all people and especially children. I love being around children. I am very sensitive to energies, even in movies I watch. I am no longer enticed by worldly things. I feel I have everything I need and I really have no desire for expensive things.

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Sep 10, 2014
spiritual enlightenment
by: brian m

spiritual enlightenmentI have the same thing going on I have my crown chakra overflowing sometimes it tingles so much I have to get my entire head and also the third eye is tingling whenever I try to meditate laying down or sitting up it'll happen throughout the next day if I can meditate on a daily basis it's going on much of the time. What I can offer is this. It makes it harder to hang with the pack.when we are growing so we must imagination field around us protecting us from their low level negativity and become codependent no one wants to live a life of codependency feeling the emotions of those around us especially -. You should not have to leave and get away from them if you have business being there. You should be able to imagine a shield around you protecting you with divine white light as hard as diamond that nothing - can penetrate.

Aug 18, 2014
my vibration experiences
by: matty

3yrs ago I was fixated in reading about samerian scripture and Egyptian myths. I was doing an overnight shift at a disability Care home and met a staff member who was from New Zealand and we both hit it off talking about spirituality. She said she has a gift in talking to spirits and i believed her without hesitation.she told me that i was going to transform and become a healer, and showed me how to meditate a certain way before i went to bed. That night i felt uneasy before sleeping due to feeling i wasn't alone. That lady i met said the house had many spirits who come and go and i already knew that because i felt their presence in the past whilst doing overnight shifts at the same house. I fell asleep with no issues but then woke up to very intense vibrations, full body violent vibrations. My ribs felt like they were going to pop out!, i felt like i was being pinned down and lost control of my arms and legs. It took all my energy to snap out of it. It happened 4 more times that same night, all were intense! After the 5th vibration i remember seeing opaque silky figures like scarfs, floating everywhere around the bedroom. They were all glittering with indigo tints, after seeing that i fell into a deep sleep instantly. 5 months after i felt the vibrations again but this time they were relaxing and felt like and wave coming over me from head to toe. Ever since i experience these vibrations every couple of months. All feel amazing. Happens when im going to sleep or the moment i start to wake up. Sometimes i pray for my guides to heal me with vibrations and they deliver.I now do Tarot readings for people and am a Spiritual Airbrush Artist. IM now in management within the Disability field. Ever since that scary night my life has become wonderful and thank god for the gift in receiving these vibrations.

May 23, 2014
Spiritual Awakening
by: Shanmuga

Hi Jennifer,

I am also having same experiences whatever you have, except buzzing in ears. Sometimes I can feel the taste of nearby person's throat in my throat. And I like going to powerful temples. While reaching some temples, I have felt the energy of that place. 8 years back, I was feeling lonely. Now I am not feeling lonely. Sometimes, I am feeling sweet taste in my throat, whenever the energy arises a lot.

Mar 29, 2014
More Buzz
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your clear affirmation of what I am also expericing which is a constant buzzing. I have been trying to figure this out for a few months. The sensation is relaxing and as long as I focus upon this vibe, my spirit feels lifted. Lots of positive and healing encounters with others daily. Sometimes just a quick sentence from my gut and whomever I am speaking with tells me how I have helped them. Also, I have become more interested in only feeding the soul. Can not tolerate any form of abuse or violence. Figure this is all about becoming fine tuned to a higher frequency than what we have been used to!

May 12, 2013
Thank you for sharing your experience!
by: Serena

Jennifer, I have felt a lot of the same things, and it feels beautiful to see the synchronicity. I got tons of goosebumps reading this! I am open to experiencing more, I want to open my third eye more...I love confirmation that the world and our souls are magical :)

Sep 06, 2012
Blue light
by: Anonymous

I have been recently experimenting with the meditational tools of trungpa rimpoche. Last night I was sleepless and warm and I would think about 15 minutes into the meditation the vibrations started and went straight up into my forehead, it was so strong and then left just as soon as it came. My body was then really chilled. I had no idea what it was except from reading about the Kundalini Shakti, and I am guessing this is part of that? Anyway, I am very curious now!

Apr 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

That's really exciting... what you're experiencing is your Kundalini awakening. There are a lot of books on the Kundalini energy, which asends through your chakras. I recommend "The Kundalini and the Chakras," by someone Paulson. It's on Amazon for $14. Or go to your local library. The vibration on your forehead is your third eye opening, or your pineal gland. If you allow this meditation to do it's own thing while you lay still and close your eyes, you'll feel the vibrations raise and each time it raises, there will be more light. Once your crown chakra opens, you'll feel amazing. Trust it without fear - it's the highest form of meditation.

Apr 01, 2011
vibration unusual experience
by: Anonymous

I read your above post, strange things are happening with me, its just recently i started believing in spirituality, i used to get a lot of dreams, as in intution. I used to lie flat on the bed and focus on my breathing, it was very relaxing, but recently when i do that, i feel vibration on my forehead its really obvious and when i ground myself... slowly after few minutes i feel like energy around me, literally on top of me, its like I AM AWARE WHATS Hhappening but my hands, legs entire body feels nothing LIKE i hv to energy to lift it. Then I FELT hot it was burning hot sensation around my chest, i felt uneasy and was scared i felt something, which i cant explain. Everytime i meditate i think of my aunt who has passed away for her guidance. i wgot so scared that i stopped doing it for a while. Then next time i started doing, i felt calm, peace full, sometimes i fall asleep as well, one i saw my own image, don't know if that was a dream or what. But what is this happening can anyone tell me. please tell me what this is... i feel the vibration slowly on my forehead, my entired body and above my head, yesterday i felt peace..i thought i want to know what happens and continued.. and i felt peace, but the first time was frightening. can anyone explain

Jan 28, 2011
by: Dan

I also have been having an awakening. It started 2-3 years ago. I was happy to see your comment about being surrounded by cotton since I dont hear that symptom mentioned much.
But I feel often that my head and upper body are surrounded by a layer of something that puts mild pressure over my face like im wearing a helmet . I can sometimes see flowing transparent current of rotating energy field out of corner of my eyes. I see the source as my crown chakra which is always on these days, the energy just overflows down my head and onto my shoulders, it is comforting in a nice way, like Im being cocooned like you put it.

Jan 22, 2011
by: Jimmy

I love to read about people going through the ascension process. It sometimes feels lonely because most people haven't reached that level if awareness. I experience the same things you describe on an ongoing basis, and it keeps getting better and better. We are on an incredible journey. I wish you a joyful path toward realizing your true divinity, as i travel the path along with you and so many others who have recently come into my awareness.

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