spiritual manifestations

by Jana

Sorry for my English. I am truly impressed with all stories.My experience began a year ago and range from the physical symptoms described by many here on the forum, supernatural events. I started hearing voices, talking with them. These voices have guided me and so I came up here. Having never studied anything about the new era, just by following the guidelines of the hidden voices, I've been discovering things, truths, starting with the Essenes, pass through the Templars, Freemasons, Gnostic, spirit, and now ends here among you. I received many teachings, prayer requests, and requests had visions of entities from other realms and high spiritual level. There were miracles of healing in my family. I argue strongly that the manifestations are immense spiritual plane on our planet, because there is urgent change in consciousness of humanity. They are coming and recruiting people who are willing to cooperate with the moral elevation of the whole human brotherhood. They also ask us to pray for them and their intentions, so they can continue helping the less enlightened brethren, which is the majority. Any prayer should be forwarded with love and an intense desire to share it to the needy.
I am happy to share the information, above all, to be able to pass it to those who may be able to understand me. Thank you. Peace be with you. Jana/Brazil

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