Started taking boab essence and related ones...

by alfred
(south africa)

a few months ago I started taking a variety of essences... given to me by my friend and Doctor (metaphysics). To open the heart chakra etc. I started becoming very sensitive in the heart area...experiencing a lot of love and compassion... but also to the extreme..towards insects.etc.. a bit too sensitive.. He then gave me related essences to counter act or protect from these strong energies....I felt protected not sensitive for a couple of days... I have this old oriental chair (iron and wood) I feel very sensitive towards that chair.... I feel that something is with the chair... I moved it to a different place in my room... but now am focused on that spot...I tend to be more sensitive in the evenings and only in my room.... It seems to be getting worse...strange thoughts just pop up in my head.. feelings too...tend to be disturbing ones...makes me a bit fearful and uneasy....also feels like I'm on a major cafene or some sort of hallucinatory trip...the energies are not evil or threatining ..but does put me a little un easy.

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May 28, 2010
Boab essence and others
by: alfred

Since I've stopped taking essences, my sensitivity to energy of any kind has ceased. Was an interesting experience to open the heart chakra...sort of forced me to deal with my past.
love and light

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