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strange experiences

by elizabeth

I've had experiences of someone brushing through my hair. caressing my forehead and head, and sometimes even my neck and spine. its not scary, rather tingly. some nights I even feel cool breath on my forehead. one night while I was having this sensation, my mom placed her hand on top of my head. suddenly the caressing became stronger and it felt like someone trying to squeeze their hand between my mom's hand and my head. I could feel the struggle for a while, and then suddenly it ceased. for two days there was nothing. on the third day as I lay on bed, something told me, I pissed it off and i must apologize, so I just said a sorry in my mind and suddenly the caressing began all over again, like it could actually hear me and was just waiting for me to apologize. I am 24 , and I've experienced this sort of sensations since the age of 8. also, I feel the presence of someone or something in my house at times, although no other family member feels anything off. shadows behind me, sometimes moving towards me in an inhuman pace, feeling a sudden chill for a second, as I walk into the room, seeing shadow people, hearing voices, sounds and smells. everything other than the caressing is scary. but I try not to get too frightened ,as I read in some article, that we shouldn't fear them as things might get uglier. sometimes when one strange thing happens and I try to just ignore it, something scarier than before happens until I loose it and leave the place, or until someone walks in hearing, me scream. I've been trying to find the reason for these experience of mine for a long time, but seems like on one could help me. if someone knows what's happening to me please do help ...

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