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sun sensitive

by Ricky
(Los Angeles, CA )

I recently became very sensitive to the sun and the heat of the sun. I walked to the corner store and felt a tingling sensation that progressed into needle pricks and itching. I walked back home and it must of been 5-7 minutes and by the time i got inside I burned and itched all over. My clothes became unbearable I took my clothes off and i had red bumps all over my chest back and lower part of my legs. I freaked out but intuitively i knew water would help i began to splash water on the affected areas and suddenly it was gone. My skin returned to normal. Its been 5 months and i learned to limit my sun exposure some days are better than others. One day i was able to go all day with no reaction to the sun or the heat I loved it. I don't know if it has to do with the increasing vibrations but the doctors Ive seen don't have answers and Ive seen many. Is anyone else having these symptoms?

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Jun 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

I used to lay out in the sun for hours without a problem, but lately I have noticed some bumps after being out for 15 minutes (or even just from driving in the car). We are going through an intense period of cleansing right now and will have lots of symptoms as a result of this.

I read an article a couple of years ago that claimed that contrary to popular belief, the Sun was not bad for you or the cause of skin damage. It stated that the Sun actually helps to purge toxins from your body (usually released in your sweat) and aids in the cleansing process. If you allow this toxin tainted sweat to sit on top of your skin all day, everyday, then that would be the cause of the rashes and maybe even skin cancer for some people. That makes sense to me. The Sun (and fire) has been known for centuries as being a great purifier. Some people even view the Sun as a deity or entity. With the increase of solar flares and activity on the Sun, and overall change in vibration of the Earth, I can imagine that we are getting mega doses of this cleansing effect.

Your intuition was correct to direct you to put water on your skin. We would all benefit greatly from frequent showers during this time. The less time these toxins sit on our skin, the better. 20 minutes of Sun exposure a day should be enough for the Lightbody process. A few showers a day with a mild soap should hopefully help with your problem.


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