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super vulnerable and sensitive lately

I feel personally that it is critical to protect myself especially lately from crowded places like malls especially. I can only be in high vibration places and be around high vibration people right now. I wasn't always like this and hopefully this will pass because it is very limiting and I feel like a slave not being able to go places if my family wants to go to the silly mall or something of this nature. Thanks for reading. love, brendan

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Feb 26, 2010
Aloneness is a good thing when you get there...
by: Christine

Here's the thing. There is a slight mixture...between the inner child and this LightBody (I mean, at least for me there is). It is VERY tricky!
Whenever I go to places with big crowds (or even just a good amount of people around), I feel uncomfortable and shy (but I am not shy-yet I feel this way during these experiences). When I am around "family" or "friends"...I still feel uncomfortable (I even feel cold). But PART of this is my inner child. The inner child is SO sensitive (I mean to words and experiences/trauma) and therefore, I put a wall up to my friends. BUT with my family, it is def. because we are at different energy levels/different vibrations.

I've been noticing though, the more I go out alone (without my parents) that I have many good days where I can go somewhere and my perception has changed! I feel no one is watching me and almost like I am invisible. So, REGARDLESS of what their energy level does NOT effect me! What I am trying to do now, is convert my perception (or what is, my inner child's perception) to this great perception I have when I feel invisible/great.
When you do this, your energy does not get depleted.

Also remember, there's a lot of confusion along the way. If ever you face a problem that you can't may be that you are holding yourself back...

Dec 02, 2009
just so
by: DR's kind of surprising to read much of my experience so clearly written by others. My body and energy experience has transformed hugely over many years, and I navigate this experience whether in the work place, the grocery store, anywhere. It adds a completely other dimension to whatever other 'task' I may be doing.

I am grateful that for the most part it is manageable. It makes those instances where there is an energetic or other extreme really stand out. There is an identity shift in accepting this for oneself, in relation to others, and in relation to our transforming world...

Dec 02, 2009
by: Donna

I can appreciate what you are expressing here. I am extremely sensitive to crowds and fluorescent lighting in stores and malls. I literally get confused. I have a terrible time at the grocery store. My children are the same way. We are like the space-cadet family whenever we go shopping together. We have learned to make lists and encourage each other to stay focused so we can get through the experience. We have learned to laugh about it. Since about 2000, I cannot tolerate television or reading or hearing too much about what is in the news. I stopped watching television back then; stopped reading newspapers. I am very concerned about what I allow into my mind. If someone starts to tell me something terrible, violent, disgusting, gossipy, I just walk away or tell them I don't want to hear about it. I am EXTREMELY picky about what I will put my mind on. My children have slowly become the same way---out of self-preservation. They have grown too sensitive to hear or see really traumatic stories or images. Sometimes I feel like we are a little strange and I know some people think so. But I can't have it any other way right now. Thanks for listening.

Nov 29, 2009
being kept apart and protected for a short time
by: Aeve

Brendan, I understand fear while feeing vulnerable and the need to be away from crowded places and groups of people.

I think this only a part of our journey and take heart that connections with others will flow again, and when they do it will be from a place where we have a stronger connection with source/god energy.

I have had to withdraw as my life went through some changes and issues I thought I had dealt with and were gone for good, came back. Though they never really went away, I had just pushed them under the surface and built a layer on top. It had to all be dismantled to get to the stuff underneath and through this I learned to communicate with source and am learning how to clear them.

But this will only be for as long as needed, and I believe that we are quickly moving toward a time where communication and being around people's energies will feel better.

As everyone is taking on more light... unless they exercise their free will and resist... communication will be more and more beautiful and lighter as time goes on.

I see now as a time when we are being kept a little apart and protected while we are most vulnerable and clearing things that hold us back from experiencing joy and living in our power.

For now communicate love in short sessions when you feel moved, then let it go and expect nothing in return. The love we give is so powerful and nurturing for ourselves.

Nov 29, 2009
sensitive lately
by: hephzibah

I know what you are going thru. It is very hard for me to be anywhere that has alot of noise or crowed spaces. I have been living in a mobile home with friends. We are moving into town next week. This will be really different for me because i have lived away from any town and in the bush for over 18 years, then here for a year. I am sensitive to other people and can feel their energy so it will be interesting. We are not alone in this but feels like it, doesn't it. This is a good place to talk to others going thru same things. Hang on, soon this will pass. I am already feeling like miracles are on the way, I believe.

Nov 29, 2009
Know what you mean
by: Anonymous

I feel the same exact way. I mean if I'm resignating a certain frequency, and another person is on a different frequency. It just doesn't clash. I had this experience about 1 hour ago, when I went with my brother to one of his friends house. The house was extremely cluttered, messy, and I couldn't think. I left there feeling sick. But it's all good now, I'm listening to some hemi-sync to get it back.

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