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by Susan
(Phoenix, Arizona)

I am experiencing a new awareness, that is sometimes subtle, and sometimes abrupt. It feels like a purging; as though there are happenings, and experiences that make certain aspects of myself evident; some are strengths and purposes for living that I can see more clearly about myself, and then there are happenings that come about suddenly that completely throw me off. That are very painful. Yet when I use my slightly more enlightened mind, and my more open heart, I suffer by having to admit to myself a shortcoming, something that I needed to learn about myself. After loss, crying, and soul searching, in a meditative way, I begin to feel stronger.. and I feel changed. And this whole process happens quickly. Within moments or days, when in the past any changes I may have gone through took months or years. In other words, I now welcome adversity, knowing that it is the process of purification, that the world is going through. I've had health issues, surprising relationship upsets, and ups and downs emotionally that leave me in a state of peace, after the waves have subsided. Yes this is just life.. yet it is happening more frequently, and is transpiring quicker. It's really a blessing, if we can just hold on, hold out, or however one wants to think of it, until the mass raising of consciousness happens. And although there will be much more turbulence before this comes about, I still am so thankful I chose to live in this time of great change. I feel blessed to be here to experience the great coming of Peace on Earth!

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Jun 12, 2010
Great Message, Susan
by: Syd, So. Colorado

I can ditto you on what you are going through.
The transformations are not taking years or months anymore....they come in minutes, hours,

It's time to find wisdom in the everyday man.
We have looked for enlightened ones or those who
profess the light to guide us...when it is and has always been within us. We have spent great
sums of time, thought and money on gurus and ideologies to FOLLOW, rather than glean the gems of light from and move on within our own sovereignty.

There are messages out there that are offered
without price tags on them and they flow freely.

I like those.


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