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by Elle

Orbs and Energy in Sedona, AZ

Orbs and Energy in Sedona, AZ

Ok, I've written about previous experiences of being "worked on" recently and actually feeling something reaching into my back and chakras. So now I've felt the "work" being done every single night for the past week, but now something else is happening.

Starting on the early morning (around 4am)of Dec. 30th, I was shaken in my bed VERY hard just like a 5.0 earthquake. I'm very familiar since I've been in about 20 earthquakes (I'm orig. from California). But I'm in Arizona, and I've confirmed that there was not a violent earthquake at 4am anywhere near Arizona. So anyway, I felt the shaking for a huge jolt followed by about maybe 7 seconds of lighter shaking, then another huge jolt, and about 4 seconds and then I opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I saw an orange silhouette (about a foot tall) of Buddha on my ceiling. I found out later in the day that there was an earthquake in Baja California around 12 noon (much later than my shaking experience). But I don't really feel like my experience was related to the earthquake in Baja.

So now, this morning (Jan.02) around 2am, I feel the violent shaking again and feel like I'm levitating so I opened my eyes immediately and it stopped. I could see gridlines everywhere in my room (I see them often). I started to fall asleep again later and I felt the shaking and levitating feeling again and that's all I remember (I must have fallen asleep or gone wherever I was going!). I saw a video on Youtube by OMCASEY1 and she described the same type of thing happening to her on Dec.31st but said it was levitation and teleportation. Has anyone else experienced this lately? I'm totally past the fear thing. I'm really not afraid of any of this, but I just want to KNOW what is happening! That's the only part that frustrates me is not being given any type of explanation :0(

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May 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have been having this same thing happen to me for a couple of years. It use to scare me even though I knew it was for the good. I woke up one night vibrating off my bed and the sounds were so intense and the shaking kept getting stronger like I was going to blow up. I haven't found much info on it or others having this with such intensity. Hasn't happened to me in a while. I felt it has something to do with zero point merge. A personal portal/vortex out to?? The other side?
Last big work on was in March they worked on me pretty intensely for a few weeks. I feel so mellow now but very slow and heavy.. gained a bunch of weight do to crazy hunger. I want to work out but am too sleepy.

Sounds like we are going through the same things
email me if u want.

Jan 02, 2010
Thank you
by: Elle

Oops! Thank you Debra for posting the link to the video :0)

Also to the "Anonymous" comment, a good vortex to visit in Sedona is the Bell Mountain Vortex. That's where I get a lot of crazy orb stuff in my photos. If you go off of the main path, there are a lot of little energies that come out around the juniper trees too ;0)

Jan 02, 2010
that's awesome
by: Anonymous

I'm over here in patagonia arizona on a spiritual retreat. I'm actually going to be heading over that way on January 8th to feel the energy of sedona.

Jan 02, 2010
Video link
by: Debra

This is the link to that video Elle mentioned:

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